Additional details revealed for Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover

We recently reported that a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover comic book – dubbed Assimilation2 – is in the works over at IDW, which has held the comic book rights to both properties for some time now. was lucky enough to get a chance to speak with IDW editor Denton Tipton about the book after the official announcement. 

In discussing the book’s origins he said “crossovers… Those are really popular. We could bring in both fan bases, you know. And everybody’s going, ‘Love it!’ And so we had a few ideas and [the BBC] loved 3 of them. They were really good options so we started going through them and the ones that made more sense. Since we already had the ‘Star Trek’ license … [we said], ‘Let’s go do it with them.’”

The interview went on to ask about more details regarding the plot, but revealed only that anything is possible, and there will be “lots of little cameos,” including the possibility of seeing the popular Star Trek character Q, an all-powerful trickster, played on the show by John deLancie. You can read the whole interview here

The story of the eight-issue line will involve The Doctor and his current companions, Amy and Rory, who stumble upon the Enterprise-D, captained by Jean-luc Picard. The team up will have to fend off the joint operations of the Cybermen and the Borg, both of which represent – within their own canons – the attempted replacement of man with machine.

Interestingly enough, each enemy employs a similar philosophy and mechanism, as the only real difference between the Borg and the Cybermen is the costume. While the Borg have a slightly steam-punked look with laser eyes and exposed gears, the Cybermen are completely enclosed in world-of-the-future style robotic plates, with an iconic antenna on the helmet.

The first issue, Assimilation2 #1, is slated to be on shelves in May 2012, and will continue on a monthly basis for an unspecified period of time.