Bob from Corporate is coming to Syfy

Syfy is currently developing a pilot for a new sci-fi series tentatively titled Bob from Corporate. Jamie Paglia and James Middleton are on board to exec produce, while Matt Hastings is slated to direct.

Paglia has the Syfy creds, having co-created and produced Eureka, which is ending after its upcoming fifth season. Middleton earned his stripes exec producing the too-soon-ended Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Hastings directed the first season of Alphas, which received critical praise, but has not yet clinched a second season.

The show is not an unfamiliar pitch. Essentially, “Corporate” is a secret government organization tasked with investigating strange scientific goings on. The leader of the organization is a strong personality who is moral to a fault, and likes to blow stuff up. It sounds sort of like Fringe meets Eureka, which sounds all right to me, as long as they do something new with the characters.

With the success of previous shows with the same concept, and with those shows going off the air – both Fringe and Eureka have one more season max – this may be just the thing to grab audiences.

Also, while their track record for original film might not be full of quality, Syfy has been pretty good about not giving us poorly thought out original television shows. Of course, it’s obviously quite nice to see an original show, in what’s shaping up to be a pilot season full of adaptations.

There is no casting news, and no dates for production announced. Plus, there is no word if the show will be ready in time for this fall’s pilot season, but I wouldn’t doubt it.