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The Doctor will meet Picard on paper

A crossover comicbook event brings Star Trek and Doctor Who together at last.

There have been several times throughout the years that a crossover comic book event would combine, temporarily, the stories of the Doctor Who and Star Trek universe.

Finally, the plan has reached fruition, and this week, we’ve gotten the plot details along with some great cover art – which I will certainly be grabbing a poster of, if offered.

We don’t have many details as of yet, but we do know that The Doctor will have Rory and Amy Pond with him when he encounters the Enterprise-D – the ship from Star Trek: The Next Generation – and Captain Picard and his crew.

No word as to where along the Star Trek time-line the story will take place, but we do know that the villains will be a team-up of the Borg and the Cybermen, which is a perfect match.

If you’re not familiar, the Borg are an amalgam race of cyborgs from the Star Trek universe. They travel the galaxy in large cubic ships, and their only goal is to make more Borg, which they accomplish by ‘assimilating’ members of other races.

This involves replacing several of their organs and biological systems – most visibly, their right eye – with mechanical parts, and joining their intellect to the hive-mind of the Borg, within which all are a part of the same thought process. The Borg have been one of the greatest enemies in every Star Trek story which takes place after their discovery during The Next Generation, mostly because they cannot be reasoned with. Star Trek characters usually defeat their foes with words and treaties. An enemy which refuses or is incapable of any dialogue is obviously the most dangerous for them.

The Cybermen pose a similar challenge for the doctor who usually solves his problems with diplomacy or trickery, which the Cybermen are immune to, as, like the Borg, they are composed of other races – mostly humans as far as The Doctor has encountered – who have been assimilated into the cyborg collective. They have a similar hive-mind style mentality, and the same goal of making everyone in the universe, eventually, into a perfect machine – it is, after all, the only logical response to a chaotic universe.

The only real difference between the Borg and the Cybermen is the costume. While the Borg have a slightly steam-punked look with laser eyes and exposed gears, the Cybermen are completely enclosed in world-of-the-future style robotic plates, with an iconic antenna on the helmet.

The first issue, Assimilation2 #1, will be on shelves in May 2012, and will continue monthly for an as yet unannounced number of issues.