A closer look at LEGO The Avengers

The Lord of the Rings isn’t the only property getting new LEGO sets this year.

As we previously reported, Marvel recently released promotional photographs of upcoming sets for LEGO: The Avengers. However, unlike The Lord of the Rings material, we are already getting a look at the sweet vehicles and buildings that the sets will build, including the Quinjet and the Avengers HQ. 

I’m a definite fan of the LEGO Hulk and Iron man.

Those minifigures will surely find a place on my desk – right next to the LEGO Smaug, whenever it comes out.

Unfortunately, there are no LEGOs shown for the film’s secondary villains, whatever they may be, but there is a nice one of a smiling Loki. Some of the other toy photos coming out now – it’s toy convention season – show some creatures which look suspiciously like the Krull that everybody was thinking were going to be in the film a few months ago, resparking those rumors.

Nevertheless, the producers have already flat out said that the Krull are not part of this film, which would be an odd thing to say if it weren’t true. Filmmakers frequently refuse to comment on a film’s content, but it’s rare that they would outright lie. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

LEGO The Avengers sets will be out this spring alongside the release of the film, which hits theaters May 4, 2012. Following are a few of those photos, the rest can be found in a slideshow on Marvel’s website: