Europa Report quietly announced

This weekend saw the revelation of The Europa Report, an upcoming film which has been in silent development for some time.

Presenting itself as a documentary of sorts, the film covers the journey of the spacecraft Europa 1, as it ventures out to the moons of Jupiter – Europa specifically – to see if evidence can be found there of liquid water.

The announcement comes in two places; first, a page of this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly features an image of Sharlto Coplery in a space suit with Jupiter clearly in the distant background. It was part of an interview he gave the magazine about the roles he’s been playing in recent genre films, among them District 9, where he takes on the role of an unlucky fellow who was morphing slowly into a member of an alien race.

Soon after saw the quiet opening of a website for the film. An in-canon website for the fictional Europa Ventures, the company that sponsors the trip to Europa in the film.

It also gives us this interesting in-canon synopsis of the film:

For decades, scientists have theorized the existence of liquid water oceans on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. We’ve recently discovered new, captivating evidence that these sub-surface oceans do exist and could support life.

We’ve sent six astronauts from space programs throughout the world on a three year journey to Europa to explore its oceans and confirm these findings.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of the effort to prove the existence of extra-terrestrial life within our solar system, within our lifetimes.

The Europa Report is directed by Sebastián Cordero based on a screenplay by Philip Gelat, and stars Michael Nyqvist, Christian Camargo, Daniel Wu, Anamaria Marinca, and Karolina Wydra in addition to Copley.

The film is slated to hith theaters sometime in 2013.