On Space Janitors and Star Wars

Early promotional material for the upcoming Star Wars parody web-series Space Janitors has appeared online, giving us a look at the goofy tale of a pair of janitors aboard the Death Star.

Yes, the Empire’s Death Star is a big place, and it certainly needs support staff at all levels, some of whom are simply blue-collar working men, pushing pencils and brooms.

Space Janitors is about one such pair: Darby and Mike, janitors on the Death Star, simply struggle to survive and subsist in an Empire which is embroiled in a bitter war with rebel forces.

Along with their friends, Edith, a computer psychologist; LN6-K, an engineer second class; and Dennis, a clone trooper, the pair will explore the small end of the Star Wars universe.

There is no trailer yet, nor any further info on the plot, but we do have this teaser image, and  poster.

Space janitors is produced by Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire out of Ontario, who also produce the moderately popular web-series Pure Pwnage, which is hard to pin down, but is essentially a sketch-comedy show about video games.

Lucky attendees at PAX East this year will get to see an advance screening of the first episode of Space Janitors, but everyone else will have to wait until it premiers on The Escapist website April 13, 2012.