New trailer for Lockout falls to Earth

FilmDistrict has released a new trailer for its upcoming thriller known as Lockout.

Usually a film’s second full-length trailer release isn’t worth talking about, but the first trailer – released early last month – was, honestly, pretty terrible at showing what the film is going to be about, as it mostly just showed clips from a single conversation, which was mostly about Guy Pierce getting punched in the face over and over. 

Still, the few bits of action we did get to see were fun, so I withheld any judgment until a real trailer came out. And now it has:

This trailer really gives us the plot, the feel of the film, which is much more light-hearted than it seemed at first, and a closer look at the special effects, which look high in production value. 

In Lockout, Guy Pearce plays a man wrongfully accused of espionage against the United States, who has been given a chance at freedom if he will undergo a special ops mission for the government.

The president’s daughter, played by Maggie Grace, has been trapped on an orbiting penal colony, which is currently under the control of the inmates. The protagonist has to infiltrate the prison, rescue the girl, and get back out again. Obviously, you can be sure a romantic relationship will develop between the lead characters.

There will clearly be lots of tense moments with evil dudes to outwit and out-punch, but beyond that, I still don’t think much of the plot. This will be one to see for the effects and choreography only, from the looks of it. No 3D version has been announced so far, however. A blessing in my opinion, since no 3D cameras were used in the filming.

In addition to Pearce and Grace, Lockout stars Peter Stormare. The film was written – in part – by Besson himself, and is directed by the team of James Mather and Stephen St. Ledger.

Lockout hits theaters on April 13, 2012.