Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock trailer blasts monsters

BBC Worldwide has released its first gameplay trailer of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, giving us a look at what the title will actually look and feel like.

There had been a lot of speculation, when all we had was a plot synopsis, that it would be a role-playing game, but now it’s clear the new title will be a Prince of Persia-esque 2.5D action platformer. 

It’s also clear that it won’t be tying into the plot of the show in any way, which was yet another speculated possibility. 

The quality of the game itself is still up for question, as these types of platformer games can range from really crummy and frustrating to overly easy and rather dumb, with the best ones falling in between. The hope has to be that the Doctor Who story is not just a thin veneer on an otherwise crappy game engine. 

How often do we see the Doctor running and jumping and climbing on things? Okay, maybe it’s not that infrequent, but this game looks like it’s all about running away from things, although River seems to have some kind of laser pistol.

Perhaps it’s just that I’m jaded from the long history of terrible Doctor Who games, but I must admit that I’m not expecting much. If it is just a veneer, just a shallow ploy to get a bunch of Doctor Who fans to play a game that under any other theme would be completely passed over, well, it totally worked. This will be a day one purchase for me, even if it’s clearly terrible.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will hit shelves, initially only for Sony game systems, in March 2012, with other systems to follow soon after.