Atlantis Rising coming to the silver screen

Platinum Studios has announced the development of Atlantis Rising, an adaptation of the comic book line of the same name, which will be produced by Mark Canton.

Previously, Dreamworks had optioned the property for film, but now their hold has expired, and with the rights back in Platinum’s hands, they hope to begin development immediately, with plans to make the story into multiple films.

Atlantis Rising began as an obscure five-part, one-shot, comic book line by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, who also created Men in Black, another comic book line which was converted into a successful film franchise.

Canton is hardly new to the adaption of comic book action stories, having been the producer on 300, an adaptation of the Frank Miller graphic novel. Most recently, he produced Immortals, Relativity Media’s action mythology flick.

Platinum – whose core bussiness is buying and selling rights to comics properties – has only recently begun venturing into the film industry. The company is also working on a sequel to 300 and an adaptation of The Tomb,  another Frank Miller graphic novel.

Atlantis Rising has the franchise potential of Men in Black, which I green lit for Scott while at Sony’s Columbia Tristar Motion Picture Companies,” said Canton. “I’m looking forward to bringing it to the screen with Platinum as a dynamic, state of the art action thriller.”

We don’t have a synopsis from the film yet, but Rosenberg himself calls it “a provocative sci-fi thriller that at its core brings up the question: whose planet is this?”