CBS wants a Sherlock Holmes pilot

CBS has gotten a bit of a head start choosing pilots for this year’s season, especially since a number from last year haven’t even aired yet.

Among them is Elementary, a crime procedural which places Shelock Holmes in New York City.

We don’t have any more information than just the elementary basics, but we can guess how this will be done.

I would personally prefer if Holmes gets caught up with H.G. Wells and his time machine to make it happen, but it’s frankly unlikely for a CBS series – maybe if it was Syfy.

More likely, it will not be the original Sherlock Holmes, it will be his reincarnated spirit, a man who thinks he is Holmes, or possibly simply a world where Holmes was born at a different time. A sort of alternate history.

It would be kind of cool to see our modern world with Holmsian deductive detective work being introduced for the very first time, with the character revolutionizing investigative work, as he did in the original Arthur Conan Doyle novels – just many years later.

Unfortunately, Elementary will likely be much more banal than that, but it still has a chance of being a fun procedural show. If it’s half as good as the BBC’s Sherlock, it will be worth watching.

CBS has so far only ordered that pilot for Elementary, which was penned by Robert Doherty who also exec produces with Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly. Unfortunately, there is no cast, production or release details available yet.