Upside Down trailer plays with gravity

Studio 37 has released the first trailer for its upcoming fantasy film Upside Down – a star-crossed lovers story that attempts to put a new spin on a classic tale.

Adam and Eve are from two very different worlds, with the latter character hailing from the world above, which is far more prosperous and wealthy than the world below – with one hanging upside down above the other.

Both Adam and Eve constantly reminded of each other whenever they look to the sky.

The two meet as children, and spend their lives in secret, seeking a way to one day be together. As expected, both worlds resist their controversial union, and soon it is the two of them against just about everyone else.

Normally, I’m not a fan of such tales, as Shakespeare has already done quite a fine job with Romeo and Juliet that there is little need for further attempts. Still, this trailer interests me, albeit to a certain extent, with its attempt.

Indeed, the allegory is bold and visually striking. The wit of the film is obvious, even from this brief look, and I can already see that Kirsten Dunst is perfect in this role, bringing her ability to create an emotionally wrought character without causing her to appear sappy or pathetic. Nearly any one else playing such a role would be less than compelling, even annoying.

In addition to Dunst, Upside Down stars Jim Sturgess and Jayne Heitmeyer under the direction of Juan Diego Solanas, who also co-wrote the screenplay.

The film will open to US audiences in 2012.