Blade Trailer slices up some vamps

Marvel has released the English-language trailer for its upcoming series, Blade. Previously, we’ve only seen footage of this new show with the Japanese narration.

Based on the American comic book character (with some additional inspiration from the Hollywood adaptations), Blade is an anime series about a vampire hunter.

Blade is human, but has some vampire traits, and is immune to vampire attacks, due to the rare circumstance of his mother having been bitten by a vampire while she was giving birth. Blade’s name is derived from his obvious talent with knives and swords, which he swings around and tosses at monsters with great flourish.

The character originally appeared in Marvel Comics vampire series, staring Dracula, in the 70’s.

He returned years later to help Spider-Man out with a vampire problem, and has since been absorbed into the greater Marvel Universe, with S.H.I.E.L.D. even designing and supplying many of his weapons, something which is mostly left our of the film adaptations.

Blade is part of the Marvel Anime Series, which also includes the Wolverine and Ironman anime. No word about whether this series will feature any other popular marvel characters, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least Nick Fury make an appearance. 

In this 12-part series, Blade travels across Japan and South East Asia, hunting his arch nemesis, Deacon Frost.

Marvel studios worked with Mad House productions and Superhero Anime Partners on the original Japanese version which came out last summer. Now they’ve partnered with G4 to get the production dubbed into English for American audiences.

The first episode of Blade, which stars the voice of Harold Perrineau (Michael from LOST) in the lead role, hits G4 on January 13, 2012.