Schwarzenegger teases Black Sands details

Since his retirement from politics last year, Schwarzenegger has dived headfirst back into acting.

True, he seems to have stayed away from science fiction/fantasy films with his first two projects, The Expendables 2 and The Last Stand. However, it now looks like Arnie’s upcoming project, Black Sands, is going to incorporate a bit of the supernatural.

The only information we already had about the film is that it would be about a man who is violently taking out a gun-running cartel.

Now that Schwarzenegger has been cast, we’re hearing that the protagonist is going to be a supernatural, possibly angelic being. An immortal creature of vengeance – or something like that.

“I’m a kind of angel,” TheArnoldFans, an online Schwarzenegger fanzine, has reported him as saying to a friend back in Austria, “I cannot currently say more about this film.”

Of course, a simple statement like that could mean a number of things, especially considering the phrase ‘avenging angel’ which is used frequently in film synopses, and is rarely literal.

This could mean anything from a mild religious theme to a super hero flick with wings on to nothing at all. The Protagonists name has been revealed as simply, ‘The Stranger’, which is a bit heavy-handed (and derivative) for my tastes.

Black Sands has no official synopsis released so far. The film is directed by Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh who are also exec. producing for Albert S. Ruddy Productions. 

Schwarzenegger is the only cast signed on so far. Production begins in April, and the release is tentatively set for 2013.