The natives of Star Trek #3

The third issue of IDW’s ongoing comic line Star Trek hit store shelves this month. The new line is based on the 2009 J.J. Abrams film, and follows the adventures of the new version of the Enterprise crew in an attempt to connect the first movie with the upcoming sequel.

The illustrations match the new actors for each of the classic roles, and the personalities seem pretty close to those depicted in the film.

The themes and adventures, however, remind me more of the writing for the recent Star Trek series, Star Trek: Enterprise, than of the writing for the film. Also: There are no lens flares.

However, the formula is very much like the original Star Trek series, which, IMHO, is quite appropriate. Each arc has the crew discovering some strange new race or odd interstellar phenomenon.

Something bad happens, usually killing a crew member or two, and the command team has to find a solution. Spock advises the logical path, and Bones advises the emotional path, while Kirk has to make a decision, and the other crew have to keep everything together until he does.

The first arc was only two issues long, and with the third issue out, it looks like we’re half-way through another arc, so this is likely going to be the trend. A bit short for a comic book arc, but it seems to present a good pace, as long as you know what you’re getting into.

The themes of exploration, adventure, sacrifice, these are all here in spades, and help the adventures feel very much a part of the Star Trek we all love.

This issue sees the first half of a new adventure. Spock, Bones, Scotty, and several minor and expendable crew members are accidentally stranded on an unexplored planet, where they are attacked by natives with spears while the Enterprise is looking for them.

Spock is forced to take command of the small faction of the crew, and shows his logical side in each decision.

The crew doesn’t always agree, however, and seem to be setting up for a minor mutiny, which will push Spock’s command abilities, and serve as a great development point for this new version of the character. 

Fans of the new film franchise will surely enjoy this comic book interlude, and if it’s popular enough, perhaps it will even continue past the second film. Currently, it’s only been announced that it will run up to the second film.

Star Trek is available wherever you pick up your comics, including the comiXology store.