Fringe trailer is on fire

Fox has released a trailer for the upcoming mid-season return of Fringe.


It seems like the pace has accelerated a bit here, which addresses one of my major concerns about the first half of this season. Meaning, the show got off to a slow start, with the first half only barely seeming to get us into the season arc. 

It also seems to be addressing my other concern, which is the complete lack of interaction with the alternate world. Other than a brief interaction with Fauxlivia in the season premier and a single episode which established the new relationship between the dimensions, the alternates have been nearly completely ignored. 

This trailer shows us some dimensional gates, and a conversation between Peter and Walternate, so perhaps we’ll finally be getting back to the heart of the story, the part that makes Fringe most interesting, the exploration of the alternate world.

Alongside the trailer, we’ve got this featurette in which each of the actors talks about what their ‘dream episode’ would be. It’s interesting, but perhaps not surprising to see that the actors don’t seem to really care about the fringe science stuff, and are really interested in doing things that closely explore characters or give the actors unique challenges.

Fringe returns January 13, 2012 on Fox.