Rumor: Bill Murray kicked out of Ghostbusters

Bill Murray has reportedly angered the Ghostbusters creative team, prompting them to remove the veteran actor from the development process of the long-awaited third film.

Murray, who was part of the creative team for the film (and one of those from whom a script sign off was required to proceed with production), allegedly crossed the line with producers Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, both of whom starred alongside Murray in the first two movies.

As TG Daily previously reported, Bill Murray has been perceived as somewhat of a stumbling block for the production of the third Ghostbusters film for months – a sentiment implied by Aykroyd on several recent television and magazine interviews.

Apparently, Aykroyd and Ramis routinely sent scripts over to Murray, who uncermoniously rejected them.

As you may recall, there was already talk of having to do the project without him, but Aykroyd has been insistent that going forward without Murray would be a last resort, if even a real option.

Now, the latest rumor claims that Murray stopped returning phone calls weeks ago, and finally sent the most recent screenplay back to the group, shredded, and accompanied by a snarky note. This apparently angered Akroyd and Ramis to the point that they’ve decided to remove Murray from the team and proceed without him.

The idea for the third film, as Aykroyd described in the past, is that the original Ghostbusters are retiring, and a new, sexy ghostbusting team has to be recruited. The film will focus on the new Ghostbusters, but should also feature the former team, played up as worn-down, and many-scarred veterans of a life of Ghostbusting.

It’d be a shame if this rumor is true, but at least it would mean that the film should be back on the road to production. There are currently no announced production or release dates for Ghostbusters 3.