Indie Nanny & Hank heading to the big screen

Bluewater Productions recently announced that the film rights to its graphic novel property Nanny & Hankhas been purchased by Uptown 6 Productions, a small studio with only one feature release under its belt.

Nanny & Hankis a popular graphic novel featuring two odd vampires. A older couple, based on the writers own grandparents are struggling to deal with a whole new way of life after a disgruntled vampire turns them.

The film will be based on the first book Nanny & Hank: Retirement is Hell, which covers the origin of the couple’s vampirism, as they are attacked by a ‘blood-drunk’ vampire, and have to reconcile their new existence with shuffle-board games and grandkids.

Nanny & Hank: Retirement is Hell is the ‘funniest’ take on mortality and morality to ever splash the pages of a comic book,” opined Uptown 6’s president Adam Lipsius.

“The protagonists’ plight is rife with truth and humor. These heroes creep me out with how cool they are, and Uptown 6 is committed to bringing every giggle and shiver to the big screen.  We couldn’t be more excited to be in business with Bluewater, the new tastemakers in indie comics.”

Bluewater has three other properties recently acquired by film studios, all of which are in development or pre-production currently, including an interpretation of their flagship superhero comic 10th Muse. Studio 6 hopes to market the film, which may become a series of films if successfull, as an anti-Twilight. The vampires here are dark and darkly funny, but there is no corny teen romance, no sparkle and glitter.

There is no production or release schedule yet for Nanny & Hank, but the studio hopes for the film to be ready for the 2013 blockbuster season.