Game of Thrones gets serious about fashion

HBO has released a Game of Thrones featurette which discusses the costuming changes for Arya Stark.

The video features a short interview with Maisie Williams, as she discusses a small controversy dealing with Stark’s hair, and how she needed to decide if the hair would be cut, or if she would continue to wear a wig – as she did at the end of the first season, when her character was disguised as a boy.

Williams also describes, with minor spoilers, where the pieces of Arya’s costume come from in the story-world.

It may seem like a silly thing to feature, when there is so much else to talk about, but Arya is probably the most popular character from the novels, if not also from the show.

To be sure, fans seem to stumble over themselves for more information about her, and the dearth of fan fiction about the character is sometimes touching.

Throughout the novels, Arya’s story is one of the most sympathetic and relatable. So many terrible things happen to her, yet she overcomes, and even excels just to be knocked back down once more by fate. The trials at the end of the first season are just the beginining for poor Arya.

When fans make fun of George R. R. Martin, the author of the original books, about his being unfair or mean to his own characters, it’s Arya they likely have in mind.

The second Season of Game of Thrones begins on HBO in April 2012. If you missed the first season, and you have an HBO subscription already, you can catch up on HBO GO.