Doctor Who bio-comic to arrive in 2012

Bluewater Comics has confirmed that it will be releasing Orbit: The Cast of Doctor Who in 2012. The bio-comic is slated to feature the stories of several of the actors who played the Doctor over the years.

The book will be a line of comics, each celebrating the story of a different Doctor,  and will also be available as a collected novel, which includes the story of Peter Cushing, who played Dr. Who – not one of the Doctor’s from the show canon – in the Dr. Who films.

The issues are written by Paul Salamoff and illustrated by Jaime Martinez Rodriguez, Scott Boyce and DJ Burgess with covers by DC Comics artist Joe Phillips.

It should be noted that these books are not related to the Doctor Who fiction comics  published by IDW.

Rather, Bluewater’s Orbit series is focused on delivering easy to read biographical comics on popular or newsworthy figures.

“At Bluewater Comics we felt that a show like Doctor Who needed to have a bio-comic done,” said Darren Davis, president of the indie graphic novel publisher.

“There were so many fine actors who played the role of the time traveler, we just wanted to highlight the careers of a handful of the actors.”

Salamoff said he has adored Doctor Who since he was a child. “I have been obsessed with ‘Doctor Who’ for as long as I can remember,” he says in the press release. “My office is literally filled with ‘Doctor Who’ Toys, Books, DVD’s and Daleks. Lots of Daleks!”

Orbit: The Cast of Doctor Who will be released January 31, 2012, and can already be preordered on Amazon.