The avatars of Stormwatch #3

Stormwatch is another title from the New 52 which has become quite an interesting tale – now that the comic is hitting its third issue.

Similar to some of the other New 52 titles, Stormwatch spent the first two issues of the relaunch deep in exposition.

Now that the team has been established, the real adventure can begin. 

The strength of this title is the unique nature of the team’s abilities. Unlike the Justice Leagues, they are not all fighters. To be sure, two of the heroes have unique powers which connect them to the world in new and interesting ways.

One of the heroes, Projectionist, is in tune with the world media. She feels, physically, how the media of the world is reacting to events, and has the ability to (at great discomfort to herself) influence how the media presents things to the public – and can even prompt certain events or angles to be suppressed altogether.

The other, Jack, is capable of linking with cities. So far this has manifested itself in two ways. First, he can control sections of cities with an actual physical connection – shifting walls to collapse or rebuild structures.

Jack also enters a meditative state to summon the personified spirits of distant locales and learn what is happening in a particular city or town. As part of a rather interesting sub-plot, the super hero learns that there is a legendary city, buried or destroyed somewhere in Colorado, which he attempts to find in an effort to solve the mystery of its disappearance. 

IMHO, the writers are doing a fairly good job of explaining why none of the other super heroes in this world are coming to help.

Basically, it’s an extension of the projectionist’s powers – though I still wish it wasn’t necessary for every book to worry about that.

Quite frankly, the whole of the New 52 would be far more interesting if each group of heroes had their own worlds to deal with.

Still, Storm Watch is starting to make sense and validate itself as deserving to be part of the new 52, mostly due to these two very interesting ‘connected’ heroes. If you didn’t pick it up before, well, this issue might be the place to start.

Stormwatch #3 can be purchased wherever you buy comics, including the comiXology store.