Trailer for DC Nation goes live

Next year, Cartoon Network will be rolling out DC Nation, a block of programming based on the popular DC super hero comic book lines.

The first anchor show of the block will be Green Lantern: The Animated series, with Young Justice coming soon after.

The block will also include lots of smaller segement and animated shorts, featuring Plastic Man, Doom Patrol, Claymation Batman, LEGO Batman, Chibi Teen Titans, Gotham Imposters, and Super Best Friends Forever which teams Wonder Girl, Batgirl and Supergirl in an ongoing series developed and illustrated by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic creator, Lauren Faust. 

There will also be some live action content in the form of interviews and specials from celebrity interviews to ComicCon reports.

It looks like Cartoon Network is really going all out for this block, as it anticipates sweeping popularity. While the Green Lantern Film, which was supposed to kick this whole DC craze off earlier this year, didn’t kick quite as hard as planned, there is still a lot of excitement for DC right now with the new Batman and Superman films upcoming, and a Justice League film on the horizon, while the comics themselves have recently been relaunched as the New 52, giving the comics division a much-needed boost in recent sales.

DC Nation, slated to run for at least three years on Cartoon Network, will debut in spring 2012 with Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. And Beware the Batman will be replacing Brave and the Bold as Warner’s animated Batman series in 2013.