The humorous and animated Green Lantern

We’ve seen a few trailers and clips from Green Lantern: The Animated Series before now, but nothing has given us a hint as to the style of the humor the series will include.

Hal Jordan is a naturally light-hearted character (in most depictions) and often provides the story with plenty of witty banter. This clip – which showed up a couple months ago now – gives us a close look at the potential conflict and the animation style, but doens’t even show us Hal:

This new clip shows us more of the character interaction, and the type of wise that Hal is going to be cracking throughout the series. 

This particular clip isn’t uproariously funny, but the style is apparent, and it gives me confidence that the character is being well-written, and well performed – though as good as Josh Keaton seems to be for the role, I must say: I still prefer Nathon Fillion’s performance in Emerald Knights.

The show will be depicted in arcs, with Hal Jordan as the main character. Other characters that have been confirmed include Kilowog, the Guardians of the Universe, Carol Ferris, Salaak, Sayd, Saint Walker, and Zilius Zox.

The main antagonists of the show are expected to be the Red Lantern Corps, led by the villain Atrocitus, and the Manhunters. It will not be an origin story. The first season of the show will have 26 episodes, thirteen of which have already been planned, and five of which have already been recorded.

This is just the beginning of a big push to get lots of DC Comics properties back on television. For my part, I know that I’ll be pretty happy if we can get the DC Animated universe up and running again. In fact, I’ve always found the writing of the animated universe much better than the comicbooks themselves.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series kicks off this Friday, November 11, (the most popular release date of the year, of course) with a one-hour pilot.