The danger of Catwoman #2

Catwoman has been the target of some hate from some corners, especially feminists.

It’s not as pounded upon as Red Hood’s depiction of Starfire – apparently beloved by little girls for her role in Teen Titans – as a boisterous slut, but it’s still gotten some flak for its depiction of Catwoman as a very dependant personality. She craves attention, violent, sexual, and criminal, and relies on a man – Batman – for therapy sex.

That’s just Catwoman, though. That’s the character, and the writers and artists here are exploring that character. It was tough to see where the book was going in just the first issue, but now with the second we’ve got a good handle to grab. First thing we see is that Batman is just as dependent on her as she is on him.

This is, for both of them, their only outlet for the release of certain deep emotions. The sex between them is mutually cathartic, and it’s presented here as mostly healthy.

Catwoman’s real challenge is elsewhere, as her compulsion for thievery leads her into disastrous trouble. She uses theft to pit to factions of the Russian mob against each other, while still being unsure who is targeting her, and burned down her apartment. She puts her only real friend in serious danger and will have to live with the consequences of her hubris.

 It’s shaping itself into a classic tale of redemption, and perhaps a new start to who Catwoman is. The repercussions of this story may send her down new paths to forge a new character for herself. If she is to survive, she must become a new person, but she won’t be coming out of this adventure unscathed, either way.

This is an important thing to note when reading the beginning of a comic book arc, which all of the New 52 are currently at: the characters in early issues are at the start of a story, and as with many classic character driven stories, the characters are meant to change.

This dynamic nature is how characters are shown to grow and redeem themselves. You can’t have redemption without depression. But, I digress.

I still wouldn’t move Catwoman onto my list of the top New 52 titles, but the second issue has shown that the line does have a real goal in sight, and that there is a story to be told.

Catwoman #2 can be picked up wherever you get your comics, including the comiXology store.