Misfits adaptation coming to American television

Howard Overman, creator of the popular UK superhero drama Misfits, will be teaming up with Josh Schwartz, co-creator of popular crime drama Chuck, to create a pilot adaptation of the seriesfor the US.

Misfitsis a clever series about a group of bad-news teenagers who, after being struck by lightning during a freak ice storm, get strange powers which reflect their personalities, and especially their personal faults and fears (the girl who always worries what people think of her can now read minds, the boy who frequently regrets his actions can now turn back time, etc).

The first season, of course, mostly deals with the kids gaining their powers and learning to use/understand them, while also fighting off their community service coordinator who, hit with the same blast, becomes a feral monster.

The kids are all ruffians and delinquents, but they’re charming and engaging, and their background gives them a lot more to overcome, along with a greater heroism when they use their powers to do good.

I believe the show will have no trouble finding a loyal American audience if it gets picked up. Still, it is a little sad the audience can’t find the original just as relatable, but even without much language gap, Americans just don’t watch BBC shows, even when they are readily accessable, like Misfits, which anyone can stream on Hulu.

Since the pilot is being produced on spec, we don’t know what network it might be on, but there is little chance it will make it on the big three if the adaptation is close enough, especially considering the language and frequent sexuality that make up part of the charm.

Of course, the writers could choose to soften the series up a bit, but it might lose a lot of its charm if that happens. It would be really be nice to think that HBO might do it, which is something I seem to be saying about all the shows I think might like lately. Really, I guess I want HBO to take over television and start producing all the cool shows.

If the team works quickly, we might see the pilot produced in the spring, picked up during the 2012 pilot-buying scramble, and aired in the fall. More likely, however, it’ll be fall 2013 before we see the show, if the series manages to make it across the Atlantic intact.