Woman battles muggers to keep romantic text messages

Would you fight to the death to preserve loving text messages on your phone?

One Queens newlywed was so attached to her husband’s romantic text messages, she fought a mugger in order to keep her cell and ultimately lost her life.

Text messages and emails are the modern day equivalent to love letters. Losing your life in order to protect old love letters may seem like a romantic notion, but do text messages and emails hold the same cache?

Khan, age 29 says his wife was “…very sentimental. She really cherished our text messages.” “She has four cellphones that are full. When she doesn’t have any memory left, she gets a new phone.”

Rabia Mohammed’s husband Shazam Khan explained “Nothing in the bag was so valuable — she had a phone, an iPod and maybe $20.” Khan cried while explaining to reporters and police that he saw his wife get shot as they were taking a leisurely Sunday walk.

Khan explained the muggers “came out of nowhere” on 204th street in Hollis. 

“As bad as it was, at least I was with her when her time came,” Khan said. “I would never wish for someone’s wife to die in their arms. It’s a terrible thing.”

(Via NY Post