4 Interesting Activities to do with Your Mobile during Long Journeys

Long journeys are really exciting. Firstly, you get to spend a good amount of time catching up on something that you otherwise could not find time to do. And secondly, they are the best times to unwind, relax and plan your activities. People enjoy doing things such as watching movies, listening to music or playing rummy online in order to make their journey pleasurable.

Mobiles are an indispensable part of us. Engage in interesting things on your mobile and make your long journey memorable and worthwhile. Check out few interesting things that you could do with your mobiles during long journeys.

1. Watch web series

Web series are fast catching up with the millennials. These are videos basically released on the internet either scripted or non-scripted. They usually run to a couple of episodes. With their innovative story-line and gripping narration, web series are gaining popularity in the recent years. It is no surprise that some of the hit yester year’s television series have made a comeback purely as web series. This trend clearly exhibits the growing influence of web series on the audience.

2. Play online rummy

One of the best things to do during long journeys is to play Indian rummy online. The game is both fast-paced and challenging making playing classic Indian rummy online a favourite among people during travelling. Download any of the reputed rummy apps on your mobile, register with them and get started playing either free or cash games. Online rummy offers great bonuses and cash rewards. Either you pursue the game for fun or cash, online rummy games with its several game variants and round the clock promotions makes playing online rummy indeed irresistible.

With game variants of the popular Indian rummy available, you could choose to play Pools, Points or Deals rummy. As a game of skill, it provides enough exercise to your brain as you need to possess good memory, reasoning, mathematical and decision-making skills. Just the right recipe for an interesting long journey!

3. Indulge in reading

For those people who are always on the lookout for learning something new, long journeys are the best time to catch up with some quality reading. Browse through the scores of online information to feel enlightened with the gain of your new knowledge. Google books to come in handy in your endeavour with over 25 million scanned book titles available for readers to browse through.

4. Explore the DIY videos

And if you are a creative soul, then there are a plethora of DIY videos on YouTube to satiate your interest in art and creativity. From how to make paper flowers, to designing an artificial bonsai tree at home – you will find enough and more stuff helping you to pick the nuances and skills in your areas of interest.

Fun and excitement all the way through!

Like it is said, ‘a journey is just the beginning’, long journeys are sure to be fantastic getaways to pamper your indulgences and put your time to good use. So, the next time you pack your bags, remember the enjoyable time coming by your way!