Review: Sony h.ear Wireless Headphones, Made for the Modern Urbanite

Ever since the days of the popular K550 series, Sony has been known for their audio quality. They even manage to deliver quality sound on their Vaio laptops. But in 2016, they are offering audiophiles a whole new experience with the h.ear series.

The MDR-100abn, priced at around $300, is the extension of their line-up, competing with giants like Bose, and even the luxury brand Bang & Olufsen. When it comes to music, don’t treat Sony like any other brand. But the question is, how good are they?


  • Excellent for prolonged use
  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Wireless, portable gear with high audio quality
  • Decent battery life


  • The price
  • Lack of soft cushion size options

What’s Good?

From the very first day, we liked the h.ear MDR-100abn. Unlike most headphones we have used, this one ticks most of our boxes. It’s wireless and portable, and a traveller’s delight. You can fold it and take it along with you, no problem.

But that’s not all! These headphones offer a great noise-cancellation experience, a blessing for city dwellers. It fits perfectly on your ears, ensuring that you’ll never feel its weight on your head, even after prolonged use.

Sony h.ear MDR-100abn wireless headphones.

The difference while listening to music with noise cancellation switched on was evident to us. So much so, that working out of a noisy coffee shop was no longer a harrowing experience.

The headphones come with multiple connectivity options in the form of Bluetooth and NFC, which definitely works in favour of Sony’s Xperia phones. The microUSB port lets you charge the headphones with a standard mobile charger or a powerbank.

Noise cancellation on the h.ear MDR-100abn works like a charm.

Discussing audio quality, we can safely say that it was easy to like the various ‘moods’ of the headphone, depending on the genre we played.

Soft rock and classic jazz were fairly mild and soft to the ears, without any noticeable distortion at high volume. The bass wasn’t great, but there is enough thump in there to keep you hooked.

You get Bluetooth as well as NFC options on the h.ear MDR-100abn.

We also liked that we never felt the headphones heat up, which is possible for a gadget that is reliant on wireless connectivity support.

Of course, for wireless headphones, we expect good battery life. The h.ear mdr-100abn managed to clear our tests with distinction. You can even take phone calls on it; but make sure the distance between the phone and the headphones doesn’t disrupt call quality.

What’s Bad?

Most quality wireless headphones cost a bomb. Whether it the B&O H8 or the Bose Quiet Comfort. Sadly, the Sony h.ear MDR-100abn is no different. You have to decide if the wireless comfort is worth the price.

Sony h.ear MDR-100abn wireless headphone.

The pricing is unfortunate; the Bose QC 25 can be bought for approximately the same price. Also, it would have been great if Sony offered more cushion size options, so that more people could use their product.

The battery indicator on the headphone isn’t really helpful. You never know when the battery on the MDR-100abn is about to die.

Why Buy It?

If you really want high-end, noise-cancelling wireless headphones that guarantee quality music, the Sony h.ear MDR-100abn is worth it. It gives you modern-day portability, and is a durable product. The noise-cancellation is a boon if you live in a noisy city. And it’s a Sony, everyone has their favorite brand

You can also take calls on the h.ear MDR-100abn headphone.

However, for the same price, some would argue that the Bose QC25 is a better option. I personally do no like the EQ, a matter of taste.