5 Roadtrip Locations For Motorbikes

A motorbike roadtrip is every bit as awesome as you’d imagine. Free on the open road, you’ll twist and turn through breathtaking scenery, park up wherever you fancy and explore corners of the world you could only have dreamt of, if it weren’t for your trusty two wheels.

Once you’ve hired a bike, fixed up your own or bought a classic from a used motorcycle dealer in London, give some thought to where you want to go. Here are six incredible locations to get you started…

1. Route 66, USA
America’s ‘Mother Road’ is an unforgettable 2.5 thousand mile experience. Veteran bikers recommend riding eastbound towards the Pacific Coast, but warn that you’ll need an up to date road map… some parts of Route 66 are desolate and very hot, and your Sat Nav wont always work.

Whether you’re doing it all or just a portion of it, you’re going to enjoy memorable pit stops, delicious food and great music as you frequent bars and meet locals in places like New Mexico, Seligman, Chicago, Springfield, and LA.

2. The Alps, Switzerland

If you’re in the mood for some stunning Swiss scenery instead, test your skills on the Alps Mountain Pass. Winding roads offer dramatic climbs, white knuckle descents and plenty of variety.

You’ll enjoy beautiful views, lush greenery and traditional villages, and if you feel like doing it in comfort, there are a number of luxury chalets to lounge in each night. First motorcycle tour? Check out these ten essential tips before you hit the road.

3. The Rockies, Canada
Outdoor lovers, this one’s for you. The Canadian Rockies boasts some of the most majestic mountains on the entire planet. The National Parks are home to grizzly bears and handsome elk, glaciers, forests and lakes, but the trip will also see that you enjoy the accommodation, food and services in towns like Jasper and Banff. Check out Matthew Karsten’s Canadian motorcycle roadtrip in the Rockies for some awe-inducing inspiration!

4. The Amalfi Coast, Italy
Does the thought of Italian food, wonderful wine and stunning coastal scenery get you itching to hit the open road? Then try riding the Amalfi coast between Naples and Salerno.

So long as you plan your ride outside of summer (else you’ll be caught in tourist traffic), and are up for the challenge of navigating relentless turns (it’s nicknamed ‘The Road of a Thousand Bends’ for a reason!) you’ll love it: riders reminisce about the cobalt coast, fresh seafood and picturesque beaches in this part of Europe.

5. The Antrim coast road, Northern Ireland

Fancy something closer to home? Check out Northern Ireland’s Antrim coast road. Only 60 miles long (but packed with character), you’ll ride in and out of traditional fishing villages, soak up the Emerald Isle’s countryside, and come so close to the sea you might as well dip your toe in.

Beware of being distracted by the view of the Mull of Kintyre just 24 miles away across the ocean – the twists are tight and complacent bikers risk falling from dizzying cliff tops. But, do it right and you’ll enjoy Giant’s Causeway, proper Irish pubs, and finish with a glass of whiskey at the Bushmills distillery.