Netflix Talks Next Marvel Series

When Netflix announced a series of Marvel adaptations, the big question was could they finally bring justice to Daredevil. Well, they did, successfully rebooting the character, and redeeming his legacy after the disastrous Ben Affleck adaptation.

So Netflix has its next Marvel series getting ready, Jessica Jones, and Collider tells us that Jones doesn’t have an exact air date, but it should be ready for viewing before the end of the year, which could put it in competition with CBS’s Supergirl.

Then after Jones, Netflix says they will have a new Marvel series coming every six months or so, and the shows will crossover into each other, with a “combined season” with The Defenders.

There may also be the possibility of a Punisher series. We previously reported that The Punisher will be in the second season of Daredevil, and he’s be a natural for his own series as well.

We hope the next Netflix Marvel series will be of the same quality and consistency of Daredevil, and we’re especially excited about Luke Cage, one of my favorite Marvel comics from the ‘70’s, and Iron Fist. Both are old school comics from back in the day, with Luke Cage being considered the Blaxploitation hero, and Iron Fist being a throwback to the chop socky kung fu days.