Supergirl Gets a Full Series Order

While superheroes are still the hot genre, there’s still a big demand for female equality in comic stories, and this may finally be changing with the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, and Supergirl, which just got a full series order for CBS.

Supergirl will be played by Melissa Benoist, who had previously starred on Glee and in the movie Whiplash, and for those who aren’t comics inclined, Supergirl is Superman’s cousin who also goes by the name Kara Zor-El.

As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, the show also stars Calista Flockhart, and it had “a somewhat bumpy road” to CBS. There was even speculation it might wind up on the CW and would be potentially too expensive to pull off, but the fact that it’s now officially a CBS series is a good sign that the network really wants to get into the comics game, especially with the recent success of Daredevil.

No word yet on when Supergirl will officially debut, but we’re assuming it will be on in the Fall, and with female fans dying to join the superhero party, it could make a good litmus test for more femme superheroes in the future.