10 Interesting Facts about TV Show Gossip Girl

The Gossip Girl TV show is one of the most popular shows ever aired on TV. If you are one of the many fans of this television show and think that you know everything about it, then be prepared to get amazed.

We have identified some critical facts about the show that you will be surprised to read. The first episode of Gossip Girl came more than a decade back, and since then people have been following it. The show is a great success in America and worldwide.

Below are some of the most interesting facts about the show-

● The show is inspired by another popular TV show, the OC. Savage and Schwartz wanted to come up with something that is as interesting as the OC, and as soon as the show ended, they came up with the idea of the Gossip Girl.

● Lively was the prime choice of the crew from the very start. They did not audition a lot of girls, and they had their eye on lively

● Only after a lot of persuasion by the crew lively accepted to do the role as he was not sure about its success, and it was underwhelming for her.

● Meester and lively were two different kinds of person from the very start. Right from the way they worked, and even their likes and preferences were very different from each other

● The two girls had a tough time in making friends they had some differences initially when they started acting together, and it took some time for them to build a mutual understanding for the sake of the show.

● With the immense popularity of the show, the then mayor of New York city declared January 26th as the Gossip Girl day for the city.

● The Empire check hotel shown in the show is a real hotel with a bar, and it became even more popular after the show hit the television screen and gained immense success.

● Meester had to dye her hair for her role as she is a blonde by birth.

● The show was earlier referred as mind-blowing and inappropriate by the parent television

Council, and the promoters then used these words for creating interest about the show.

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