Why should I participate in Airfio’s ICO?

Airfio is one of those early firms which is set to revolutionize the crypto banking with implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now it’s merging this technology with Artificial banking to lay the foundation of an advanced setup. It will not only take banking to a different level but also change the traditional methods.

With the new innovation coming, the Fintech’s would get the maximum benefits. The operations and back-end processes can be work better and the transactions would be more instant.

ICO at Airfio – 16th November 2017

Airfio is starting its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) by November mid. The investors who are planning to invest in the venture can come forward and apply for crowdfunding. Airfio is launching its advanced products including Assistant application, Mining application, ARF (the crypto-coin), the ATM’s and Visa cards, SDK etc.

Airfio pre-ICO is coming in Mid November 2017. The products are based on high-end technology and seem promising. There would be the application of AI, which will bring about a lot of new features. Most of the process would be automated. The machines through their cognitive learning and deep analytics would be able to handle big data. This will not only minimize the human errors but also help them recognize patterns. Thus, the patterns would be a key for understanding a customer’s behavior.

It has allotted 10 million tokens for its pre- ICO sale. Its products are unique built with AI technology & machine learning applications. Few of those are ARF coin, Assistant application, Mining application, Visa Card, ATM machines, earning programs, kiosk and unlike.

Airfio introduced various earning programs!

Airfio’s earning program is as easy as joining Airfio’s platform.

To participate in referral program: Sign up and snapped down to referral and you will be provided your unique referral link. As and when you refer other users to Airfio network, application will record total number of referrals you created. Subsequently, when your referral purchase ARF token, you will be rewarded with 5% of their purchased token/tokens.

The application gives you details about your referrals including name, country they belong, their email Id and many other.

Further, you can also have a look at the bounty campaign tasks which can guide you on increasing referrals and help you earn more tokens.

To participate in Airfio’s bounty program: Sign in and click on bounty. The dashboard will guide you on various tasks which you can simply claim and earn Airfio’s free token after ICO sale.

Visit here to Join: https://airfio.com/r

Final thought:

Investors, traders and borderless users could look for greater returns when the products enter the global market with AI. This will absolutely bring most organized way to proceed transactions on cryptocurrency market.

Visit Airfio: https://airfio.com

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