What Is The Best Trading Platform?

Searching for a good trading instrument is a task that many find difficult. Many great platforms provide unique services. Among the most popular are Wunderbit, Cryptohopper, 3Commas, and Shrimpy. Each has its own set of advantages and unique features.

A good platform provides a rich selection of tools for efficient trading:

  • User-friendly interface with just enough information displayed;
  • Seamless integration with various wallets and exchanges;
  • Specialized tools like backtesting, history viewing, and more;
  • Unique, fine-tuned instruments like a result-oriented crypto trading bot.

While many online platforms offer such services in one form or another, key differences are distinguishing a great provider from something that you can find anywhere. Different users have different personal preferences, but several key aspects demand more attention than others and usually help to identify an exceptional product. In our case, these aspects are:

  1. Smart layout. For example, Shrimpy has most tools neatly grouped in the side panel of the app. You can easily switch from one instrument to another. On the other hand, Wunderbit’s smart terminal is packed with features but the main screen looks bigger thanks to the compact placement of menu elements in the upper side of the interface.
  2. Simplified automation. A user-oriented service is focused on ensuring convenience and simplicity to reach a wider audience. Creating trading strategies using a specialized platform should be easy. The best crypto trading platform will guide you through each step of the setup process without burdening you with unnecessary information and actions.
  3. Efficient asset management. Automation is useful to people trying to be as active in the crypto world as possible while solidly understanding the structure of their portfolio. Wunderbit’s portfolio tracker breaks down your assets by type and exchange allowing for a simple yet informative display of available tokens.

Reliability and Security

Many crypto enthusiasts chose to believe in the future of blockchain thanks in part to the promise of anonymity, higher safety of funds, openness, and independence from established financial institutes. However, decentralization and, thus, less governance bring the issue of trust and reliability to the forefront of the discussion of which cryptocurrency trading platform is the best.

A modern stock trading platform offers transparency above all else, ensures that clients have access to high-quality support, and protects the personal information of its users. Security of personal information is a key issue for many users of crypto. Most companies understand it and use a multitude of ways to protect data. For example, Wunderbit uses the following measures:

  • SSL encryption for any transfers of information;
  • Directories and databases are protected with a strong password;
  • Restricted access to any personal information (selected employees can access data);
  • A robust backend architecture to ensure strong protection against hackers and data breaches.

These measures are above the golden standard of internet security and show that Wunderbit is committed to safeguarding the personal information of its clients.

Overall efficiency and financial expedience

Last yet not least is the bottom line. The best trading platform is one that allows you to increase the value of your portfolio while delivering a high-quality user experience. Pricing and effectiveness are crucial aspects. 

In terms of trading results, it depends on the number of available instruments. Wunderbit offers copy-trading, flexible strategies, spread and arbitrage trading, and grid bots. Such a variety of tools will most certainly provide you with more opportunities to earn by trading.

On the other hand, the less you pay for the platform, the better. Compare monthly prices for maxed-out annual subscriptions on different platforms:

  • Cryptohopper costs $83.25 per month when paid for annually;
  • 3Commas’ Pro-account will cost you $99 per month;
  • Wundebit’s Premium is only $33.7 per month when paid bi-annually.

The main takeaway

Undeniably, the market has many trading platforms deserving your attention. However, only selected ones should receive your money. Wunderbit is definitely among the best trading platforms out there with an excellent reputation, good security, and affordable pricing.