TraDove Raises $52 Million, Announces Exchange Listing on HitBTC

As one of the leading ICOs of 2018, TraDove recently raised $52 million to help expand their product, a leading B2B social platform, on the blockchain. The highly-anticipated token sale was fueled by a community of over 12,000 supporters on Telegram and concluded on February 28, 2018. For TraDove, this only marks the beginning.

The company will officially list on HitBTC, a global exchange with over $250 million in daily trading volume, and looks to expand to other exchanges in the near future. HitBTC has been operating since 2013 and offers a simple solution to trading. Once an account is created, people can start trading immediately. For cryptocurrency investors, exchanges help provide both liquidity and an opportunity for new investors or investors who missed the token sale to support a project.

The TraDove platform was founded by Kent Yan, an MIT graduate with an extensive history in international trade. For Yan, the pain points of dealing with brokers, a lack of transparency, and overall difficulty of reviewing providers led to the inspiration behind the project. Central to the platform is the BBCoin.

According to CoinTelegraph, “TraDove’s cryptocurrency – BBCoin – is supposed to provide a better payment instrument for international trade. The coin should become the first B2B token in the market, that opens up corporate demand for cryptocurrency and boost companies’ sales, marketing and trading needs. BBCoin will also be used as a payment instrument for trusted B2B transactions, especially international trade.”

Currently, over 250,000 corporate users from 100,000 companies are on the platform. These include employees of Nestle, Tata Motors, Huawei, Toyota, Walmart, General Electrics, Boeing, Siemens, Ford, and other Fortune 500 companies.

New supporters will be able to purchase BBCoins on or around April 10th on HitBTC. The token was previously sold in a public sale for $0.16 cents. You can learn more on TraDove’s website and or whitepaper.

This article was originally published on CoinAnnouncer on April 5, 2018 by Amy Tori.