The World’s First Block Chain 4.0 Based Fit Miner Comes Out

Currently, Fit Miner in form of the world’s first block chain-based 4.0 cycle is launched out, which can be operated in the BodyOne ecology system. The users can make PK with riders from different countries and have fun in amazing riding party; meanwhile, users also can earn Token through fitness. The Fit Miner can provide users a kind of amazing experience that is outcome from the brilliant combination of token economic system and fitness.

“Earning Token on Fit Miner ,Cryptocurrency Mining with cycling” is the true core of the meaning BodyOne established.

The users can ride Fit Miner to burn calories that are collected into the database of sharing community via intelligent contract, therefore the Token gained by sweat of the users can be store or trade by themselves. This process creates the new lifestyles, which make health into value transmission and value multiplication and builds a global fitness industry ecological platform. Community users around the world can not only gain health and happiness with their own efforts, but also gain future wealth.

As a global-oriented block chain fitness ecological platform, BodyOne advocates sharing and win-win. BodyOne ecology consists of the users, the fitness equipment supplier, the fitness service supplier, the coaches,the doctors and other participators. In this ecological chain, value link and extra premium of the data produced by each node will be realized by block chain technology. The profit made by the platform ecology is used to award the participation of users and service suppliers according to the ratio. Token will be used as the incentive for their contribution and 80% of the profits made by the platform will be distributed to the platform users on each node in the way of “Earning Token on Fit Miner”. In this way, people will be attracted to help establish this ecological platform and form a new pattern for fitness industry.

Based on the underlying technology of InterValue block chain 4.0 that is the world’s first million-scaled TPS chain, BodyOne launched out the intelligent chip for fitness equipment such as Fit Miner where BoP protocol is built in. The chip contributes to output the node value by the protocol, which transfers the value of intelligent terminals of protocol by consensus mechanism. The core function includes node authentication, node asset management, service measurement and distribution control and service etc.; and makes the basic design with a special safe chip,which can provide better security for performance and power consumption. Therefore, the chip greatly enhances the reliability and guarantee of shared network.

Apart from the block chain-based Fit Miner, BodyOne will broaden the cooperation with equipment suppliers involved in the fitness ecology to launch out more fitness equipment mounted with BodyOne chips. The Fit Miner will be used as infrastructure of BodyOne continuously, which generate Token to do value transmission. With the motivation to acquire BODY Token, users will gradually solve the problem of fitness laziness and share BodyOne’s dividend in the global fitness industry.



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