The Three Best Crypto Signal Providers of Q2, 2018

How is the Crypto Market Doing Now?

At present, the eyes of the world are glued to the market of cryptocurrencies. Crypto trading attracts people from all over the world, regardless of their age, career, or personality. It is an innovative business where both experts and fraudsters flourish. If you are just discovering the world of crypto, chances are that you are puzzled by the number of traders offering signals and you have no idea whom to trust. This post is meant to help you find the best crypto signals on Telegram. The Safetrading platform was created to help traders all over the world earn money trading crypto, while staying as far from the scammers as possible. On this platform, we publish our independent audits of the crypto signal providers we’ve researched. This way, our platform solves the problem of scammers and helps you stay safe while trading crypto.

Here’s our list of the best Telegram crypto groups that provide the best crypto signals you can find on Telegram in 2018. Remember the names of the experts you can trust in the rapidly changing crypto environment.

1. InfoCrypto

InfoCrypto is a Telegram group that started operating back in 2017. Its founder used to work for a Brazilian crypto channel. Having gathered enough experience, he started a business of his own. Currently, the InfoCrypto Telegram group publishes accurate crypto signals that bring profit, all the recent updates every trader needs to know about the crypto market, original tutorials and advice on how to act in some non-typical trading situations, and more. You can get access to all of the services for a reasonable subscription fee.

InfoCrypto is one of the best crypto signal providers you can find today. It is also worth mentioning that these guys are working non-stop on polishing their services. Currently, they are working on a platform that will unite their subscribers in a safe and friendly environment without any third-party services.

Below is an overview of the main perks the InfoCrypto group offers to its subscribers:

  • Access to accurate crypto signals
  • Continuous analysis of Bitcoin market behavior
  • Forecasts for minimum coin levels
  • Personalized support of clients with margin transactions in chat
  • Fast, high-quality support
  • Accurate information on several levels of coin purchase in the signals
  • Contact point outside of Telegram (own website)

You can review an independent audit of InfoCrypto, performed by the Safetrading team, here.

The report for Q2 2018 of InfoCrypto can be found on the trader page of the Safetrading platform.

Contact information:

  • Telegram channel:
  • Official website:
  • Results channel:

Use the code SAFETRADING during registration on the website and get a 10% discount on a monthly/lifetime subscription, or text the code SAFETRADING to the group admin to redeem your discount.

2. Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders is a Dutch team of traders who have been around for quite a while. Verified Crypto Traders do as their name suggests; they take every needed effort to legitimize their business and to take their cooperation with clients to the legal level. You can find information about this company in the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands. The owners of the group take all the needed efforts to legalize their business, for example, they sign contracts with their clients. Top-notch investors choose to work with this provider, which shows that these guys do things the right way.

We can confidently call Verified Crypto Traders a role model for the rest of the crypto signal providers. Apart from providing top-notch services to their clients, the guys take every effort to secure their clients from scams and to legalize their business.

On their Telegram channel, you can find accurate profit-generating signals, coin predictions, market forecasts, and much more accurate information every trader needs to know.

Here is an overview of the best things you will get by subscribing to the Verified Crypto services:

  • Legalization of business, contracts with clients
  • A provider that works with top-notch investors
  • An opportunity to get in touch with the founder if you need to
  • Continuous updates on latest market developments and coin predictions
  • A contact point outside of Telegram (own website)

Take a look at an independent audit of Verified Crypto Traders, provided by the Safetrading team, here.

You can find an overview of Verified Crypto Traders signal results for Q2 2018 on the trader page of the Safetrading platform.

Contact information:

  • Free channel where you can find signals:
  • Free channel with a chat:
  • Channel for tracking results:
  • Channel with reviews:
  • Official website:

To get a discount, please contact https://verifiedcrypto and use the code SAFETRADING when you enroll to get the juicy discounts:

3. WhaleTank Premium

This is a US-based team of crypto experts who provide their subscribers with accurate crypto signals. This team took every needed effort to establish a safe environment for their clients. Currently, the WhaleTank Premium environment fits the investors most of all. The operation model of this team is so good it should be an example for the rest of the market.

The WhaleTank team has rich experience in trading crypto as well as in Forex trading. The guys provide their paid subscribers with accurate Bitcoin signals, the most important market updates, Bitcoin TA, and more.

All the benefits you will get if you decide to subscribe to the WhaleTank Premium services are listed below:

  • Safe environment tailored for investors
  • An expert team from the US
  • Easy ways to track portfolio and coin behavior
  • Contact outside of Telegram

Take a look at an independent audit of WhaleTank, performed by the Safetrading team on the trader page of the Safetrading platform.

Check out the WhaleTank’s report for Q2 2018 on the trader page of the Safetrading platform.

Contact information:

  • Free channel with signals:;
  • Free chat:;
  • Official website:

Activate the voucher “SAFETRADINGSEP” for 20% on monthly/lifetime plans during website registration on plans section.

Final Thoughts

This was our list of the top three best crypto signal providers who showed outstanding results in Q2 of 2018. All of these teams deliver top-notch services to their subscribers and help them grow their portfolios. We think that all the three teams provide approximately the same quality of services. Therefore, we recommend that you keep an eye on all of the teams to always get the best signals from the most reliable experts. Take a look at our rating of the best paid crypto signals, where you can find information on crypto trading signal providers. Stay in touch with and earn money with reliable traders who publish the best cryptocurrency signals on Telegram.