RippleByte has Become a New ICO Sensation

Cryptocurrency and blockchain with diverse factors often attributed to financial ecosystem at present times – With new currencies being emerging on every new day, investors, traders and crypto enthusiast are experiencing cryptocurrency as a hot investment strategy.

Beside the top cryptocurrencies, ICOs or token sale is a win-win approach to earn surplus income. While few token sale are potential, others get scape with investor’s money. Back in 2017, ICO mechanism was trending at a high peak, In fact continued to emerge rapidly in 2018 as well. There were several ICOs that have successfully launched and capitalizing their investment plans for investors since January 2018 and another ICO that’ve caught my eye during research was “RippleByte”.

Is it a Potential ICO?

Referred to the official website of RippleByte, the company claims its as a “New Decentralized Cryptocurrency” launching its token sale on May 015, 2018. It says, the ICO would continue for a period of 15 days, i.e until May 30, 2018.

According to sources, RippleByte is neither a fork of Ripple nor a copycat; rather the firm is launching a new decentralized cryptocurrency with name “RippleByte”. unlike Ripple which is a centralized no limit to coins, RippleByte is decentralized with limited token supply. It is opening Total supply of 16 million tokens wherein, initial supply would count just be 5.5 Million tokens only.

Well, the figures are quite interesting – and very less tokens would definitely take a series price hike for the early 1st year from crowdsale

RippleByte provides us the XRD Coin. Nope! It’s Not XRP , Its XRD.

Tokens Offering!

Every new user is given Free Welcome 5 tokens for registration and one unconfirmed token which will be confirmed upon KYC verification. As per the dashboard of the website, users can also earn free XRD tokens by joining and participating in diverse bounty campaign set out with detail description.

Accepting Payment – BTC

There is also an amazing Referral Program offering 5 XRD tokens on Each referral – WOW ! I love that.

These campaigns include Twitter Boutny program, Medium and Steemit Writing, BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign, Instagrm Following and Story settings, Reddit Participating Programs.

Source to participate in XRD Bounty campaign –

The Company also announced the Listing of Coin in few top exchange platforms in the end of 3rd quarter of 2018. This is Great ! Expecting to be Bittrex , Binance , Bitmax,etc..

I See Great Exposure to Ripplebyte by News Media and Blog Publications , Internationally!

The Merkle – One of the famous publication wrote about RippleByte as follows;

RippleByte appears to be the first major currency tried to capitalize on the Ripple name.

“For those who cannot wait for Ripple to complete its decentralization process, there is now a currency known as RippleByte. This has absolutely nothing to do with the original Ripple project or any of its team members. Instead, it is an ERC20 token trying to capitalize on Ripple’s current market traction. The RippleByte team advertises their token as a decentralized currency for global payment solutions. It seems to copy all of the traits of Ripple in terms of business adoption, even though XRD will never be of any importance to the financial sector.”

Decentralized Tv – one of the renowned Youtuber discussed about RippleByte and its potential;

His words were very convincing to me , and he also praised the RippleByte’s Idea ; “This idea of RippleByte – I find this to be good thing”

Coinpedia – A Powerful Crypto News Publication notes it as “The Exposure”.

It states –

“RippleByte is introducing XRD Crowdsale – You’ve got the best investment opportunity to invest your Bitcoin.”

RippleByte is one such platform that advances the level of decentralization with an intent to stabilize effectuate the global financial scenario, it added.

ICOCLAP – A leading ICO listing Website that holds records for its successful crowdsale listings like Bancor, Bunny Token, and other top ICOs, listed RippleByte to its calendar.

As mentioned on IcoCLAP

“XRD is developed as a fully decentralized cryptocurrency assuring the faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency. In comparison to the other well-known cryptocurrencies, XRD is an open source global payment network, which ensures everything should be as transparent as the people desires.”

You can find it here –

Final Thought!

Like a rocket rise, crowdfunding is on peak! RippleByte with the potential investors will likely to overtake the present ICOs of the market. Let’s see how XRD token sale becomes a new innovation in cryptocurrency market.

You can know more about the company here –

Twitter –