Move with the Times and Keep your Bitcoin Safely

Although owning cold hard cash isn’t the same as it was in the Wild West days, investors still face a lot of risk and instability when it comes to keeping their bitcoin safe. Every few months we hear some version of the same scary story about someone losing access to their bitcoin after it became precious.

If you’re just getting into bitcoin, or maybe you’ve been investing for a while, and now that your bitcoin has grown in value you want to keep it secure, this is for you. Paxful Bitcoin Wallet is one of the best bitcoin wallets online, and whether you’re storing your digital currency for the first time or if you’re upgrading your current storage setup, this is the best way to keep your cryptocurrency as secure as possible.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet, and How Does it Work?

A bitcoin wallet is a safe and secure way of storing your digital currency. Bitcoin is an encrypted address on a blockchain, and what you’re storing is essentially the unique ‘key’ that unlocks the specific location of your bitcoin.

It’s important to keep this key safe at all times, and one of the best ways to do so is to use a digital wallet. By using a platform like Paxful bitcoin wallet, your bitcoin is protected at all times. You can store your bitcoin and the convenience of being able to use it at any time.

Why Store Your Bitcoin in a Bitcoin Wallet?

There are some benefits to storing your bitcoin in a secure digital wallet. In addition to keeping your cryptocurrency safe, with Paxful bitcoin wallet, you have easy access whenever and wherever you want to use your bitcoins. Their platform makes it easy for you to buy, sell and store your bitcoins.

To ensure even more convenience for you, buying bitcoins with Paxful is easy and low-cost. The Paxful marketplace has over 300 options for making payments when purchasing bitcoins, from cash and credit cards to gift cards and online payments. They make it easy for investors to not only store bitcoin, but also to buy and sell cryptocurrency to each other.

Paxful offers the best bitcoin wallet that is user-friendly and ensures that you receive your bitcoins almost instantly (in less than 5 minutes at most) and securely when you use their platform. The Paxful wallet is specially designed for mainstream users, and even the most tech-challenged users will find the platform easy to navigate on the first try.

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet Features

  • Peer to Peer Marketplace: The Paxful bitcoin marketplace is unique and allows you to buy bitcoins from over 1,200 trusted vendors.
  • Wide Variety of Payment Options: Over 300 payment options are available on Paxful, making it convenient for buying bitcoins with cash deposits, gift cards, credit cards, or online wallets.
  • Low Commission: You only get charged the blockchain network miner fee when moving your currency from your Paxful bitcoin wallet.
  • Fast, Easy, and Secure: Buyers are 100% protected as Paxful verifies and checks all sellers to ensure your safety. They have the highest level of encryption, 2-factor escrow, and professionally audited security for your peace of mind.

Create a Free Paxful Digital Wallet

As this Paxful Bitcoin Wallet 2018 Review has shown, this is one of the best cryptocurrency wallet services available online. You can create a free bitcoin wallet on Paxful knowing that they offer a secure and easy to access wallet for your cryptocurrencies.