KryptoGraphe: The most effective portfolio tracking app

The year 2017 was one of the biggest for the cryptocurrency industry. The markets are rapidly changing and it is quite hard to know the right investment to make because they are actually hard to follow. If you are planning to invest in this industry, the ever-changing information is becoming unbearable. There are many investors who have made wrong moves and ended up losing money. In order to maximize the profits in this industry, there are various platforms that can now help I tracking and giving real-time insights into your investments thus enabling you to make informed decisions.

When looking for cryptocurrency portfolio tracking apps, it is recommended that you should go with the ones that have cleanest designs and the ones that are easy to use.

KryptoGraphe is one of these apps that is able to track and manage your portfolio efficiently. This is the first crypto app that integrates with crypto exchange accounts thus allowing you to sync your portfolio. This means that the app is able to take data from your exchange account.

Features that make KryptoGraphe to stand out.

It has a design that is easy to use.

KryptoGraphe is greatly designed and works out really well and very user-friendly. Its real-time charts are really flawless. As much as there is a lot of competition in this industry, there is no other app that has been able to live up to this paradigm. KryptoGraphe displays your preferred currencies, unlike many other platforms that offer USD currency only.

When you are using this app, it is easy to add or remove trades. There is also more emphasis on adding exchange APIs thus toy does not have to a trades manually. This is more beneficial if you use popular exchanges such as Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex, etc.

KryptoGraphe has built-in news as well as the coin market cap

If you are a cryptocurrency trader, you know how important daily news is in making a decision in your trades. The first thing that every cryptocurrency trader does is to check their portfolio trackers, note how different coins are performing, then open the coin market cap to note how the rest of the markets are performing. The next thing is to watch out for the news that could have triggered the different changes in the industry.

Instead of navigating from one website to the other, KryptoGraphe is a one-stop platform for all your cryptocurrency needs. It has a built-in news and coin market cap page that is often updated up to 5 times a day with useful information. KryptoGraphe makes it easy to stay informed about the industry faster and easier.

The privacy and sharing of your data are protected

Blockfolio was a leader in crypto tracking but this came to an end when the users’ data were shared to a third party. Cryptocurrency industry is very conscious about the data of the investors and if this is breached, a lot of investors will migrate to other platforms that guarantee their security. KryptoGraphe app does not share the data of the users for the purposes of promoting their business operations.

It is a preferred portfolio tracker because they understand the importance of keeping the financial data safe.

With KryptoGraphe, you can know how your coins are performing

KryptoGraphe gives you a deeper understanding. You are able to note the ones that are under-performing in the market. If you are an investor that is starting out, this is a great platform to gauge your investment performance against the whole market at large. In addition, you are able to compare against a specific group of investors.

This is arguably the best portfolio tracking app for any cryptocurrency investor.