Intimate launches ICO – To Bring Trust To The Adult Industry  

From VHS to internet video streaming, a number of technologies have found mainstream adoption through a common catalyst – adult entertainment. The market for sexual content and adult entertainment has served as a testing ground for innovative and advanced new technologies. Now, the team behind adult services platform Rendevu and software company Disrupt wants to use blockchain and cryptocurrencies to infuse trust in an industry that has operated in the shadows for centuries.

The Unique Challenges of Providing Adult Services

Providing services in the adult industry is challenging. Service providers are often shunned by financial institutions and lenders, which means they struggle to gain access to traditional funding. Banks usually consider adult service providers ‘high risk’ businesses, meaning their merchant accounts and lending terms are often unfavorable.

Meanwhile, independent companies, actors, and escorts have to navigate a treacherous legal landscape while trying to provide their services. In most countries, the laws on sexual content and intimate services are vague. This exposes both providers and consumers to legal risks.

The industry also suffers from a general lack of trust. Lack of regulation and standardization in the industry means clients and service providers often have no means of verification or authentication.

Blockchain Can Revolutionize the Adult Industry

Intimate is a new service that applies blockchain to the adult service industry to make it decentralized, efficient, and trustworthy.

The solution uses so-called Intimate Tokens (ITMs) based on the ERC 20 ethereum protocol. These tokens will serve as the payment and verification system for the adult services industry. Using tokens will help establish trust to platforms, service providers, and consumers in the market.

Providers can use the tokens to manage distribution online and to ensure verification and safety. Trust is further established by the reputation system that the tokens provide, allowing providers to track the reputation of consumers. Consumers can use the tokens to manage payments, health records, and private communications with service providers.

With the Ethereum Blockchain, Intimate seeks to revolutionize the adult industry by making it more transparent. An experienced team of engineers, blockchain developers, and entrepreneurs are leading the Initial Coin Offering to make this service a reality.

A Credible Team

Intimate’s core team is composed of experienced developers, professionals, and entrepreneurs. CEO Reuben Coppa has helped establish a number of successful ventures in the adult services and cryptocurrency sectors. He is the founder of Rendevu, an on demand mobile platform for adult services, EI8.HT, a network of Bitcoin ATMs, and a blockchain software developer for consumers and Disrupt, a Sydney-based software developer.

Other members of the core team include Engagement Director Leah Callon-Butler, who is an advisor to the Australian Digital Currency Association; digital marketing expert Nathan Smale; adult industry veteran and advisor Charlotte Rose; cryptocurrency advisor Patrick Roberts; and development team leader Craig Morris.

Together, this experienced team hopes to revolutionize the adult services industry by deploying a meticulously professional ICO to launch Intimate. The team firmly believes that this could be the gateway for the widespread adoption of blockchain technology, as well as decentralized trust, verification, security, and payments in the multi-billion dollar global adult industry.