How Zerta Is Fixing a Disjointed Crypto Ecosystem

It takes a surprising amount of labor and coordination to participate in the crypto market. As cryptocurrency’s popularity exploded to (almost) mainstream participation levels in late 2017, newcomers to the crypto trading world were taken aback by some of the problems they encountered.

High usage volumes caused expensive, slow transactions on swamped exchanges. Users had to hop from one difficult-to-master platform to another to complete a transaction, using one exchange to turn fiat currency into Bitcoin and another to turn Bitcoin into altcoins while learning to discern and utilize the multiple wallets such trades often required.

Usability problems encountered by newcomers reflected real execution problems among crypto exchanges and other service providers. CoinTelegraph ran down some of the crypto trading world’s major stumbling blocks in late December.

These include wide price variations for the same coins across different exchanges (which disincentives exchanges from creating more user-friendly technology), insufficient technological protections against wild market distortion, and bad actors who get away with price manipulation and outright theft in an under-regulated and under-secured arena.

Given the obstacles newcomers encountered when trying out crypto for the first time in 2017, it’s no wonder that crypto hasn’t penetrated much further into the mainstream almost half a year later. A promising new startup, Zerta, is gearing up to launch a crypto trading ecosystem that offers true all-in-one user-friendly capabilities.

Zerta’s Platform

Zerta’s name comes from Certus, a Latin adjective meaning certain, resolved, or sure. Zerta’s name reflects their commitment to providing users with a truly reliable and transparent platform. This platform is designed not only for new crypto traders, but for crypto businesses who struggle to find access to banking services, crypto and fiat payment and conversion tools, and a secure way to store tokens.

Zerta offers a crypto exchange that can process more than 2 million transactions per second at a very low latency delivering cutting-edge trading software to the cryptomarket.

To access Zerta, users must first pass through Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering verification, a process that will weed out the bad actors who have plagued many crypto exchanges. Verification speed and quality will be essential metrics for the Zerta support team, ensuring that this initial hurdle is both user-friendly and compliant with existing regulations.

Once they’ve gained entry to the Zerta platform, users automatically have access to a Zerta-provided bank account, exchange account, and wallet account. Zerta’s commitment to user-friendliness goes beyond just providing a one-stop-shop for crypto exchanges. They’ll provide a fully trained customer service team that will help users learn to utilize the platform and quickly resolve obstacles and disputes.

Zerta also features a drag and drop “agile dashboard”, which lets users pick and choose which widgets they’d like on their trading interface to create highly usable and customized front-end solutions.

Using their agile dashboard, users can engage in a wide array of cryptocurrency exchanges without leaving the Zerta ecosystem. Zerta traders have access to cryptocurrency and fiat currency trading pairs,different order types, margin trading and Zerta INDEX tokens, which represent diversified interests in many different cryptocurrencies. These tokens provide risk-mitigated trading tools for more risk-averse newcomers.

One of the centerpieces of Zerta’s platform is their wallet. This wallet securely holds multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, enabling quick exchanges among different holdings. Users can even attach banking cards to their wallets, connecting their cryptocurrency holdings in the wallet to their day-to-day spending via the Zerta banking system.

Zerta users don’t have to juggle multiple wallets and applications, instead handling all their finances through one user-friendly, mobile-ready platform. Zerta will hold over 90% of assets stored in the ecosystem in cold storage, protecting users’ assets from hackers and other malicious actors.

Launching a New Crypto Venture on Zerta

Zerta is also committed to creating an educated and engaged user base. An interactive educational tutorial will also be available for free to any crypto newcomer who’d like to brush up on crypto trading basics, and as the platform develops Zerta will host additional offline and online events. Zerta will also nurture a community of mutually supportive users through tools such as forums, blogs, and video chat spaces.

Part of the Zerta community will be a venue for crowdfunding new crypto enterprises. Emerging projects can share their proposals and funding needs, interact with investors and potential investors, and receive direct fund transfers.

To be listed, new enterprises will have to undergo due diligence checks from the Zerta team, keeping the platform trustworthy and eliminating scams. Platforms fundraising on Zerta can also use it to provide updates to their investors and token holders.

Zerta was founded by Paruyr Shahbazyan, founder and CEO of, one of the largest gambling and sports portals in the CIS region; Victor Ambartzumian, CEO of payments giant Paynet; and Mohan Thurairajah, founder of Tiger LLC which is a solution provider to the largest european stock exchange Euronext. Backed by a robust team of tech and finance experts with EMBA, MBA and PHD degrees, Zerta promises a new user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency trading.