How WeGold Intends to Capitalize on Rising Chinese Aspirational Travel Trend

China’s rising millennial class doesn’t just want to see the world, they want to experience it. According to Goldman Sachs Investment Research, the outbound tourists in China will rise to 220 million in 2025, from 120 million in 2015. China’s outbound tourism is expected to bloom over the next decade, leaving its mark on a wider range of destinations. The same report claims that two thirds of current outbound travelers are millennials (15-35 years old), and it’s expected that the 74 million college students graduating over the next decade will further boost passport ownership.

The first stop for many of Chinese travellers? South East Asia, outside of Hong Kong/Macau. This inflow of travellers has helped fuel Asia’s tourism contribution to its GDP faster than any other region in 2015! A consequence of this is the rapid development of tourism products meant to cater to the rising wave of Chinese visitors.

These developments aren’t the calming spas or intriguing museum tours you may be imagining. The digital age has led rise to “aspirational travellers”—a generation of millennials whose travel preferences involve adventurous, authentic, and off-the-beaten path experiences.

Finding Fulfilling Cultural Experiences a Problem

The current travel marketplace makes it difficult to find the kind of aspirational travel experiences sought by millennials. The problem lies with the way major travel platforms operate. Travel giants such as Ctrip and Expedia prioritize the safe and reliable travel service providers who represent consistent profits instead of the smaller, immersive “Mom and Pop” experiences, who can’t afford to cover the long payment cycles and huge markups easily handled by the big boys.

The Solution: A Fair-Share Travel Ecosystem with WEGOGO and WeGold

WEGOGO presents a solution through WeGold: a blockchain-based aspirational travel discovery platform for Chinese users to find their next travel experience. WeGold just began its ICO in an effort to raise funds in order to develop the best aspirational travel app for current surge of Chinese travellers.

It’s worth noting the company already has an existing app that can be found in the iOS app store, and on WeChat, with an Android app on its way. This is a living and breathing product: the platform is already running, with 5,000 transactions already made through the beta.

WEGOGO, and it’s accompanying digital asset WeGold, offer a unique blockchain-powered platform in which users are rewarded for contributing to the ecosystem. WeGold can be used to pay for travel experience using secure wallets on the platform itself. Alternatively, users can also choose to encash their WeGold, or hold on to it as an investment vehicle as the popularity of the platform rises.

WeGold ICO: How You Can Participate Today

The WeGold ICO only recently began, and will continue until July 28th 2018, or until the hard cap of $88 million (USD) is reached. A minimum purchase amount of 0.2 ETH exists, but no maximum purchase amount is in place. A total supply of 10 billion tokens will be created, of which 3.4 billion will be made available for sale at a price of $0.037 per token. To find out more about WeGold and how you can participate, visit the official WeGold ICO website here.