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How DIFX is Tackling Key Industry Problems

Since the dawn of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the world has seen several emerging trends. However, this industry still lacks a disruptive platform to optimize digital financial services. While blockchain was ranked as one of the top five emerging technologies in 2019, the industry remains riddled with several problems that act as roadblocks for evolution in this space.

DIFX, the world’s first fully insured cross-asset trading platform, is here to provide solutions to these problems. The company offers a straightforward but unique solution by addressing these issues and using disruptive blockchain technology to create a fast, accessible, and highly secure crypto exchange and trading platform with low transaction fees. 

DIFX also has its native currency in its ecosystem, used to carry out transactions between users. 

Key Industry Problems

Blockchain technology has shown its capabilities in several use cases, but experts believe that a few industry problems continue to limit its potential. The critical industry problems are:

Poor Customer Support

One of the significant problems crypto users face is a lack of good customer service while using an exchange or trading platform ie. they cannot find more information about the platform or its functioning.

High Trading Fee

High trading fees is one of the main reasons for the slow adoption of cryptocurrencies globally. Several exchanges charge excessively high trading fees ranging from 0.25% to 3%. These high fees discourage users from participating in skyrocketing cryptocurrencies.


Several crypto exchanges and trading platforms cannot handle fluctuations in the markets because of a lack of liquidity. 

Poor Security

Security breaches have become commonplace on numerous platforms. All digital assets and personal information is stored online and, if stolen, can result in significant losses. 

Lack of Diversified Portfolio Option

Cryptocurrency is a volatile market and, in line with this, investors should diversify their options for better profits. Currently, many diversify their portfolio by purchasing two main cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, as both of their prices are interlinked, their cost can simultaneously shoot up or down, which defeats the purpose of risk diversification.


User-friendliness is vital in the crypto industry because of its unfamiliarity and complexity. New users have a hard time navigating through the platforms, which is amplified due to the lack of a user-friendly platform. 

DIFX Exchange as a Solution

DIFX is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange platform with the potential to bring lasting change to crypto financial services and products. It is a cross-asset trading network that will integrate individuals, corporations, and prime brokers alike.

The company solves problems faced by the crypto world by providing practical, secure and straightforward cross-border trading and payment solutions. 

User-Friendly Interface

DIFX provides a user-friendly platform for both experienced and amateur users with an intuitive design. It uses a single account to manage and access advanced and AI-powered asset management tools. 

AI-based Dedicated Support

DIFX uses automated query bots and AI query resolution systems to ensure every query or issue is resolved instantaneously. This feature is a disruptive game-changer in an industry that is popular for its poor customer service. 

Dedicated Cloud Servers

DIFX has several cloud servers in different locations to provide quick, low latency and no-lag response time to execute orders. Dedicated cloud servers will marginalize the slippage, which in turn reduces the cost of large trading orders. 

Security Audit

DIFX runs proper security audits to eliminate front running and price manipulations. The company ensures complete transparency in every transaction. 

Token Vetting and Pre-Screening

DIFX will only list reputable coins on its platform and perform pre-screening to root out any dubious coins. The company has designed some norms to perform a detailed quality-check of the coins before listing them on the platform. 

Price Uniformity

DIFX uses AI to interpolate prices of the top five changes to ensure price uniformity. This goes in sync with the company’s revenue models of technical analysis modules. 

Wide Bandwidth

With the servers based in different locations which makes for easy connectivity, DIFX cloud servers can host over two million transitions per second.


DIFX differs from other platforms as it offers an “all-in-one” approach to decentralized crypto exchange. The company unifies external and internal operating systems with a customer-centric approach to solve all the current roadblocks faced by the crypto industry.