Four Best Online Exchanges For Buying Monero

Buying Monero, the most private cryptocurrency on the market, has never been easier thanks to a number of online exchanges. But not all exchanges are created equal, and some are harder to navigate than others. If you’re wondering how to buy Monero from some of the best websites, try one of these four online exchanges.

1. Local Monero

Local Monero is an online exchange that allows you to trade person-to-person with anyone in the world using your own local currency. For instance, if you’re a Briton wanting to purchase Monero using pounds, you’d visit the exchange website, input the amount you’d like to purchase in GBP, then select the country and payment method you’d like to use to purchase. Your search will result in a list of individual sellers, each with their own price and limits. Clicking the name of a user allows you to see pertinent credentials related to their previous Monero sales transactions, including when they began trading on the website, the number of trading transactions they’ve made so far, and buyer feedback from previous purchasers.

2. Changelly

If you’re looking to exchange cryptocurrency at the best online rate, Changelly promises some of the best offers on the market. In order to use Changelly, it should be noted, you first need to have in your possession another form of cryptocurrency. This site does not offer fiat (i.e., the British pound) currency exchanges. Changelly charges one flat fee of 0.5 per cent for each transaction — far lower than many others who will often tack on withdraw fees and commissions. What’s more, the website’s built-in robot is integrated with some of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms and is capable of providing instant exchanges in a matter of milliseconds.

3. HitBTC

If you already own Bitcoin but are wanting to exchange it for Monero, HitBTC may be the online exchange you’re looking for. In operation since early 2013 — before Monero even first came onto the market — HitBTC dubs itself as ‘the most advanced Bitcoin exchange’ in the world. They offer up-to-the-minute trading information on BTC to Monero trades, complete with graphs, stats and even a ‘TrollBox’ where registered users who are signed in can chat and ask questions from other online users.

4. ShapeShift

If you’re looking to exchange cryptocurrencies quickly, ShapeShift offers some of the fastest and best asset exchange services available — no account required. Simply choose the cryptocurrency you currently have, select the currency you wish to exchange it to, and provide your wallet address. Within minutes, your new currency will arrive in your specified wallet without the added hassle of a lengthy signup process or a bid and ask order.

The next time you’re in the market for Monero, try utilising one of these online exchanges. And if you need a secure, free and totally anonymous online wallet to store your Monero coins, try XMR Wallet, the totally free and open sourced client-side app that requires no registration.