Empowering Cryptocurrency Exchanges with Artificial Intelligence, Aibit Opens the Era of CEX 3.0

Since the introduction of ChatGPT in November last year, it has rapidly attracted hundreds of millions of users within a short span of a few months. While the rapid expansion of ChatGPT has also brought about some severe criticism and questioning, it is undeniable that artificial intelligence technology has been widely accepted and has sparked a frenzy of interest in the AI industry. People have keenly realized that ChatGPT merely represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of the application prospects of AI technology, and it has a vast stage in the future. For instance, the integration of artificial intelligence and digital asset trading services is an exciting and limitless future trend, and this trend has been keenly captured and applied by Aibit.

What is Aibit?

Literally, one might mistakenly assume that Aibit is a chatbot-like tool similar to ChatGPT, but that is not the case. Aibit aims to accomplish much more. It is understood that Aibit is a Singapore-based digital asset derivatives trading platform that focuses on providing comprehensive digital financial asset services to investors, including futures trading, spot trading, fiat trading, and various wealth management products. By deeply integrating artificial intelligence with blockchain technology, Aibit is committed to opening up a new era where everyone can easily participate in the digital economy and enjoy the convenience and value growth brought by digital assets.

Great ideas may initially carry an incredible hue that is difficult for the world to believe. However, nothing is impossible once standing at the forefront of a trend. Looking back just five years ago in 2018, how many people could have anticipated that Compound, which had just emerged at the time, would trigger a widely watched “DeFi Summer” in 2020? Going back a few more months to the end of 2017, when players were crazily chasing after CryptoKitties, it is unlikely they would have imagined that something called “NFTs” would make such a passionate comeback three years later.

The Rising Power of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Assets Amidst Skepticism

No revolutionary new entity has ever grown without facing skepticism. Today, artificial intelligence finds itself in a situation similar to Bitcoin’s 13 years ago. Both faced extensive doubts and emerged amidst a bleak global economic environment. This coincidence is not only striking but also destined.

In the ever-changing landscape of the enigmatic digital asset market, the only constant is change. Particularly, exchanges, which serve as crucial infrastructure within the digital asset market, abide by the iron rule of “innovate or perish.” If we define the Mt. Gox era as CEX 1.0, which provided simple matching services to users, and the era represented by platforms like Huobi and Coinbase offering banking and futures/options market services as CEX 2.0, will the exchange sector witness a new revolution and enter the era of CEX 3.0 before the next bull market? It is not impossible. The rapid development of artificial intelligence has shown us new directions. And between envisioning and accomplishing, Aibit has already taken the first step.

As a secure and transparent digital asset trading platform, Aibit aims to build a comprehensive ecosystem and achieve inclusive finance in the digital age, making digital assets an essential part of the mainstream economy. However, let’s not forget that every exchange claims to be “secure and transparent” these days. Can this relatively unknown platform live up to its claims? In fact, a glimpse of Aibit’s difference from the current CEX giants can be seen in its name itself: “AI+BIT.” By empowering digital asset exchanges with AI technology, managing code with smarter techniques, and eliminating human weaknesses in the trading process through artificial intelligence, Aibit aims to promptly identify and seize market opportunities. It strives to provide every user with secure, efficient, and convenient digital asset trading and management services, becoming a bright path towards the Web3 era. Just as its slogan says, “The Future of Web3 is here, with AI and Blockchain,” Aibit emerges with a mission, riding the wind of change.

“At Aibit, Unlock Your Web3 World”

Although the industry has not yet reached a unified consensus on Web3, everyone has their own visions and expectations for it. So, where does one start their journey into the Web3 world? This is undoubtedly a practical question. Even for residents accustomed to the Web2 world, taking the first step into the Web3 realm is not an easy task. It involves not only the issue of entry barriers but also concerns about asset security and privacy. Fortunately, Aibit has swiftly recognized and addressed these concerns. Leveraging the advantages of artificial intelligence technology, Aibit strives to provide a simple, transparent, and trustworthy Web3 gateway for the world, the digital asset industry, and users investing in digital assets.

Since the last bull market, there have been many unexpected events in both the digital asset market and traditional financial markets. The collapse of the FTX tower and the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank, ranked 16th in the United States, have raised deep concerns about financial service providers. People ask themselves: Where can I safely store my assets? The answer lies in transparency, as platforms operating in the sunlight are the safest. But how can transparency be achieved? The key is to minimize human influence and entrust asset management, trade matching, and investment to intelligent programs. Aibit, for example, has developed an all-in-one transparent platform relying on artificial intelligence technology for automated trading, risk control, personalized services, and security guarantees. It provides users with intelligent algorithms for automated trading, significantly reducing the risks associated with human errors and allowing for faster response to market changes. It also helps the platform monitor market anomalies in real-time, issuing timely alerts for abnormal price fluctuations and trading volume changes in certain digital assets, ensuring comprehensive asset security for users.

Aibit, Advancing Step by Step

Undoubtedly, as an important gateway to the Web3 world, Aibit brings more changes to digital asset exchanges. With the support of artificial intelligence technology, users can enjoy personalized services on Aibit based on their trading history and preferences. Moreover, Aibit integrates its customer service system deeply with artificial intelligence, providing high-level professional services such as intelligent Q&A and automated support 24/7. Aibit firmly believes in the idea that expertise creates value, offering users an unprecedented trading and service experience.

It is understood that Aibit is currently focusing on brand upgrades and further product iterations. Important functionalities concerning user trading security and experience, such as contract performance optimization, spot data structure upgrades, asset service technology improvements, and optimization of asset center functions, will be unveiled in a new form after this iteration. Let us eagerly anticipate these advancements.

Aibit, Breaking Through Challenges

Although Aibit has positioned itself at the forefront of the industry by combining the advantages of riding the wave and integrating artificial intelligence technology to provide users with innovative trading products and experiences, it still faces the same scrutiny as any new platform entering the world of digital assets. Why should it compete with giants like Huobi and Coinbase?

Let’s not forget that Binance, which now sits comfortably as the leading CEX, rose to prominence within a few short months. Competition in the digital asset industry is not about size but about direction and speed. Looking back at the past decade, many once-flourishing giants have fallen, while new forces have seized opportunities and risen.

The concept of empowering digital asset trading with artificial intelligence, which Aibit firmly adheres to, undoubtedly taps into the current zeitgeist. Change and self-innovation have been the most important driving forces for the digital asset industry since the birth of Bitcoin. As the digital asset exchange sector, especially with the current practical application stage of artificial intelligence technology, enters a phase that requires internal self-renewal, Aibit enters the scene as a disruptor carrying a mission.

Where does Aibit find its opportunity? According to CoinGecko’s Q1 2023 cryptocurrency industry report, the trading volume in the digital asset industry reached $2.8 trillion in the first quarter, with a quarter-on-quarter growth of 18.1%. In the second quarter, the total market capitalization of the digital asset market approached $1.5 trillion. This is a significant milestone. In terms of global stock market capitalization rankings, even in a bear market, the digital asset market would rank 36th, surpassing Poland’s $1.77 trillion. This represents a significant foundation for Aibit.

Beyond the foundation, Aibit’s trump card to break through the challenges is undoubtedly artificial intelligence. The rapid development of AI technology today may far exceed our imagination. Therefore, the upgrades and iterations Aibit can undertake based on artificial intelligence technology are full of imagination. Throughout history, those who have enjoyed the dividends of being at the forefront of advantages in their time are the most capable of exploring new directions for future development. However, weighing the pros and cons, they often end up representing conservative forces. The first step to breaking away from the old world and moving towards a new one is often taken by newcomers without historical baggage. Under the wave of artificial intelligence, the current operational model of digital asset exchanges will inevitably be impacted. Rather than passively adapting to these changes, it is better to take the initiative. Aibit has already taken this important step. Its goal is not to challenge giants like Coinbase or Huobi, but to open up a new path in front of them and relentlessly forge ahead on that path towards a broader future, giving this world the courage to explore and create.

Written by Awais Ahmed