Tom Zaccagnino on John D’agostino addition to Muirfield Advisory Board

Muirfield Investment Partners is proud to announce the addition of John D’Agostino to its growing advisory board. The Boston-based private equity real estate firm is reinventing private equity investing with blockchain technology. Mr. D’Agostino’s vast experience in corporate governance and investment management will help Muirfield navigate continuously evolving regulatory standards for companies employing crypto solutions.

About John D’Agostino

Mr. D’Agostino has a wealth of experience bringing technological innovation to the investment world. As Vice President and Head of Strategy at the New York Mercantile Exchange, he brought electronic trading to the floor and spearheaded the creation of the Dubai Mercantile Exchange.

Mr. D’Agostino served on global leadership teams within KPMG’s Finance and Hedge Fund consulting groups, offering advisory services across several industries. While Managing Director of New York-based investment advisor and hedge fund sponsor, Alkeon Capital, he led the build-out of a quant and HFT desk.

Today, Mr. D’Agostino is a Managing Director at DMS Governance, one of the largest and most renowned fund governance firms in the world. Mr. D’Agostino started and maintains the largest working group dedicated to developing best practices for blockchain based digital assets.

Mr. D’Agostino has lectured at INSEAD University, Columbia Business School and MIT Sloan Business School, and has developed research notes with the MIT Connection Science’s Lab around next-generation technology enabled trading strategies.

About Muirfield

Muirfield is an opportunistic private equity real estate investment firm leading the effort to reinvent private equity investing with blockchain technology. By utilizing blockchain technology, Muirfield’s proprietary investment solutions aim to solve key structural issues with traditional private equity funds, offer investors liquidity and improve alignment with their investment managers.

Muirfield’s Founder, Tom Zaccagnino stated:

John brings unparalleled experience and insight to Muirfield’s advisory board. Blockchain regulation is an ongoing discussion and John’s perspective and instincts will help to ensure that Muirfield is aligned with the latest regulatory standards.”

As someone who has long recognized the power of adopting technological breakthroughs, Mr. D’Agostino is looking forward to working with an organization utilizing decentralized technology to disrupt the status quo and offer superior investment vehicles. Mr. D’Agostino said:

Muirfield is comprised of progressive leaders and thinkers who recognize the need for structural improvement across private equity real estate investments and are driving that change through the use of blockchain technology. They are also spearheading a responsible, regulated, compliant and institutionally acceptable approach to next generation capital formation.”