The Power of Blockchain for Real Estate from SWINCA

Real estate has been and still is one of the most promising areas of investment. But it’s been overtaken by monopolies, bureaucracies and expensive intermediaries, as well as limited by country borders, speed and cost of related transactions. Today securing one’s footing even in local real estate market is a convoluted process for any new player. Establishing a position on global market is a very complex task for smaller companies and a next to impossible one to achieve for private individuals.

SWINCA is planning to change the rules of the game through blockchain. SWINCA’s number one goal is to provide equal opportunity for participating in real estate market for anyone who wishes to enter this industry, whether that would be a large corporation, a small company or a single person.

Industry challenges and SWINCA’s solutions

A significant number of challenges that real estate market faces can be solved through blockchain.

First and foremost, it removes the geographical barrier and many commercial issues caused by it. Offers are no longer limited by specific countries. This allows to get rid of countless brokers, administrators and such, evening all investors. Thus, any participant can get diverse portfolio of real estate properties on equal terms.

Transactions become instant and secure due to the very nature of blockchain, and cost significantly less. As a result, owners get their rents or revenue automatically. The entire process become swift and productive.

SWINCA is going to achieve such ambitious goals by tokenizing real estate assets on the blockchain. SWINCA’s team assesses the potential profitability of properties all around the world through deep analysis and then selects the best options for investments to present them to investors. SWINCA negotiates the deals, acquires the selected venues, like offices, flats, houses or land at any stage of development, and manages legal and ownership issues.

Roadmap for SWINCA platform

SWINCA has already finished its private fundraising stage and now preparing for pre-ICO which would take place the November 26th then jump into ICO right after on February 1th, 2019. ICO hard cap SWINCA is aiming to reach is a the point of $75m which would be distributed as:

  • 2% on Private Sale;
  • 3% on Bounties and Marketing;
  • 5% to the Founders;
  • 5% to the Employees and Advisors;
  • 35% on Pre-ICO and ICO;
  • and 50% on Pools and Masternode.

The ICO is held before the completion of the project so that the raised funds could cover the expenses of the founding team until SWINCA Real Estate launches on April 5th.

The SWINCA tokenomics suggests two types of tokens: SWI coin that is internal and external to the platform, and NCA token that is intended for internal use only since it represents the shares of property. The unsold coins would be switched over to SWINCA reserve where they would be used for investors who would invest on the platform directly. Reserved SWI coins have 10-year vesting period.

If you’d like to dive into the details and specifics of the SWINCA platform, please visit our website or join our Telegram group