Litecoin To Hit 3 Digit Value By Summer?

This new full research on Litecoin price reveals two big technological updates of Bitcoin:

Halving and MimbleWimble privacy protocol.

It also reveals strong and little-known Litecoin partnerships that are about to make it top contestant for the Bitcoin’s place on the marketcap list.

Blockchain Whispers, a team known for accurate crypto signals has analyzed every aspect of Litecoin, and how it affects its price – from mining, progress, to sentiment and technical analysis.

Blockchain Whispers has discovered that Litecoin is actually NOT a fork of Bitcoin in a technical sense of a way.

The Litecoin price report also reveals how the upcoming block halving might affect not only Litecoin (LTC) price, but also show us how and what to expect when we reach Bitcoin halving a year from now.

According to this report, after UFC sponsorship, UBER rumors, and Facebook messenger incorporation… there is one new event about to take place in April that might bring awareness of Litecoin in crypto-strong Korea.

Technical analysis (TA) goes into how soon we might expect the Litecoin breakout and which price to hit. Some early suggestions point out to August this year.

The report concludes with crypto signals, showing you how to properly store your Litecoin, what miners should know and the verdict.

Charlie Lee sold all his Litecoin, but stayed!
Charlie had connections with Coinbase as their former employee. Knowing all the important players in the crypto world the community went crazy when Charlie Lee sold all his coins, thinking he is abandoning the sinking ship. It appears he just gave away his Litecoins and focused fully on developing and making Litecoin great again.

So far so good, right? Litecoin is first to implement protocols that later get implemented in Bitcoin. Litecoin becomes the leader, and the new additions that the new Litecoin price report by Blockchain Whispers sugests, it might very well reach the 3 digit usd value. What do you think?