Crypto Commonwealth’s Launch Integrates Publisher and Hedge Funds on Blockchain

When people talk about the biggest scientific publishers, the names Nature and Science are always included. The ongoing blockchain revolution is incubating such an excellent publishing house that brings together different ecosystems and integrates breakthrough technologies. COMM merges into its innovative ecosystem the wisdom of an elite publisher with the profit-making power of a hedge fund, compensating contributors to both branches generously.

As the issuer of COMM the digital currency, Crypto Commonwealth is considered to be a most ambitious blockchain project. Its vision is to create a COMMunity that incentivizes effort and quality of publications, with the ultimate goal to create a journal as successful as Nature and Science. The project claims to have a strong network of researchers in top universities and plans to invite more of them to join, as well as funding their research in academia. They intend to distribute 100% net publishing profit back to the authors, editors, and reviewers, paying for their contributions in their native token COMM. Excellent contributions make the ecosystem stronger, encouraging and inviting more people to play a part within as everybody looks for incentives.

The Commonwealth Publisher offers three columns and targets for varied reader groups. The professional column ‘Beta for Pros’ is expected to cover topics typical financial journals would discuss, including macro and micro dynamics, market inefficiency, behavioral finance, strategy research, risk management and more. COMM also has two more columns intended for generic readers that serve as educational resources and crypto knowledge base, ‘Beta for fun’ and ‘Crypto Insights’. They cover quantitative and fun crypto analysis, tokenomics and philosophies, as well as non-quantitative articles in the blockchain domain including crypto overviews, insights, token mechanism / algorithm, macro visions, blockchain techniques, etc. 

The long term vision of the Commonwealth Publisher is to acquire high-quality, stable submissions and a good impact factor, then start charging subscription and publishing fees as any other commercial journals. More importantly, it plans to redistribute all profits after operational costs back to the authors, editors, and reviewers. This is a closed cycle that is expected to nourish and sustain the ecosystem as it starts to gain momentum.

Crypto Commonwealth focuses not only on becoming a top tier publisher of all things, crypto or otherwise. It also envisions becoming a digital and traditional asset manager that outperforms BTC and the stock market in the long term. Its strategy construction follows the “trilemma in portfolio management”. Under this model, three variables are considered: high return, low risk, and high capacity. Those who have some experience investing in traditional or crypto assets, either in IPOs, ICOs, IEOs or directly in the secondary markets have learned, maybe the hard way, that it is not possible to embrace these three vertices simultaneously. For COMM the presence of two of these factors excludes the third as well. 

It is on this understanding that high return and low risk exclude high capacity, such as in alphas and high-frequency trading. Crypto Commonwealth itself encompasses hedge funds including the alpha fund “Sphinx” and the smart beta fund “Stonybrook” under the high return and low-risk classification. It offers detailed, professional suggestions to help investors make the most informed decisions on investment products. Profit will be redistributed back to the ecosystem in decent proportion: up to 50% of management or incentive fee would be shared among excellent authors, portfolio managers, researchers, and collaborators.

Strategy contributors can opt to be external or internal researchers. Internal researchers are expected to run backtests on the platform and submit alphas for centralized post-processing, including portfolio combination and optimization. However, this is by no means limited thereto. Upon proper evaluation, COMMs would be paid out as rewards, with a significant amount to be followed pending the alpha performance out-of-sample and in live trading. These, of course, are what could be considered the right steps to build a strong and wise COMMunity.

The COMM team has a strong background in global stock and crypto markets, having amassed a good number of lowly correlated strategies at their disposal. The project is seeking to tokenize, fundraise for and COMMercialize them under COMM’s dedicated mainnet, together with publications from interested scholars and book authors as soon as circumstances permit. Those who have been following the cryptocurrency market recognize that tokenization of traditional markets, like commodities, futures, stocks, currencies, bonds, real estate, and publishing is promised to be way bigger in capitalization than all the current cryptocurrencies. As a real pioneer in strategy and publication tokenization, COMM will certainly build a supportive and productive atmosphere for strong portfolio managers and best selling authors across the globe to participate in its ecosystem.

A promising project, Crypto Commonwealth harbors the first scientific publisher and investment institute in house on blockchain. It’s well backed by a COMMunity of investors, scholars, researchers, and engineers. With its global payment network in play, COMM endeavors to redistribute profits fairly among its contributing members and disrupt the traditional model in both fields, benefiting the COMMunity and the public.

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