Bitcoin Made Me Rich

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been amazing for some people. Although it’s more difficult to make a lot of money from them now than it was a few years ago, there are a number of millionaires and other high-flyers who have managed to cash in on crypto. Of course, once you make your Bitcoin money, you need to know how to keep it. Many people invest their money in business ventures or other investments, or making money helping other people do what they did. Take a look at these people who got rich from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies if you’re wondering whether you could do it too.

Erik Finman

Erik Finman is likely one of the youngest, if not the youngest, people to become a Bitcoin millionaire. His parents promised him he wouldn’t have to go to college if he was a millionaire by the time he was eighteen. In fact, he did it by the time he was fifteen and quit school. His original investment in Bitcoin was $1,000, and he used his original earnings to grow and sell a company. At 19, he now has about $4 million. He is not quite at the level of Shane Missler, the 20 year old man from Florida who recently won $451 million on the US Mega Millions, but he is well on his way!

Winklevoss Twins

These brothers have a Bitcoin haul that could be worth up to billion. Of course, with the fluctuating price of Bitcoin, it’s difficult to tell. Both brothers are regarded as two of the best people to follow for anyone looking for investment advice, both for cryptocurrencies and other subjects. Tyler and Cameron have also launched their own cryptocurrency trading platform, Gemini, so they’re still making money from cryptocurrencies in a different way. They have been involved in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in various ways for over five years. They’re also Olympic rowers, having competed at Beijing 2008!

Eddy Zillan

Another high schooler who has managed to make money from Bitcoin, Eddy Zillan invested money received for his Bar Mitzvah, as well as cash he saved from summer jobs. He’s not exactly a millionaire just yet, but he does have around $500,000 from an initial investment of $12,000. He has just finished high school, and last year was hoping to go on to study dentistry. He might not have to worry too much about student loans! His either idea is to make money by showing people how to invest in cryptocurrencies.


YifuGuo started making money from Bitcoin as a student at NYU. He built a mining rig and started mining his own Bitcoin. He later founded Avalon, a company that specializes in Bitcoin mining hardware. But he moved on from Avalon after a while to work on other things. He has probably made about 5 million dollars from Bitcoin. He was the first to become a millionaire by selling miners and not just investing in Bitcoin.

The people getting rich with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren’t necessarily big-time investors. Many began as normal people who go lucky with their investments.